Elder Lou Anguiano Ordered to Stand Trial

by Nathan Natas 23 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Buster

    let all here praise god god that it did not go any further.... - Johnny

    John, exactly! Turn that phrase, big guy. No one wants to tear those bastards up more than I do.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    Buster ; let me say you know i'm with the lord and you on this.. and it is coming out in public now.. big crap here in new york today . about how thwe catholic church , in long island are getting banged from the gov't for 45 years of cover up ... new laws are coming.... tHat will cover the jw's and other churches.... the holy sprit is working..... no one will hurt anyone of my family... i will fix them. i'm not scared of the courts either... i will not do nothing immoral. i have tried to innocolate my family as best as i can.... keep doing your part, and hopefully we all together can make a change ... what ever each own methods are.....john

  • TheOldHippie

    jonny kip, they are not appointed by holy spirit as if some miracle was going on. It is spelled out that this has a two-fold significance; firstly, thatthe requirements are written in the Bible, and the Bible is a product of holy spirit; and secondly, that they are are in the eyes of others, as far as others can see, manifesting the fruits of the holy spirit in their life, having a set of standards or code of living as one person influenced by the holy spirit would have. So there is no spirit involved in their appointment, and they are NOT appointed by Brooklyn; the appointment of elders is handled by a special group of persons operating under the supervision of each branch office.

    This is not said in order to change direction or nullify what happened here, but this was one person who had problems, acted indeed inappropriately, and undoubtedly was moving towards committing a terrible thing towards the child, had it been allowed to go on unchecked. As others here have stated, I as a parent would never had let such a thing happened, and I guess many of us know how easy it is to manipulate children of thatage into doing all sorts of things. But this guy was removed as an elder. And if you turn it the other way around; should not people be allowed a second chance? How many here are willing to throw the first stone? I have done many things in my life, both before and after becoming a Witness, of which I am not particularly proud, but I am so happy, so grateful, that I at times have been allowed a second chance, have been allowed the possibility of going into myself, pondering over things, regretting, and starting all over again. This guy understands, he says, he was on the false track, and who are we not to allow him the possibility of working with himself and get over it, seek help and start afresh?

  • justhuman

    Another proof of how CLEAN Organization is the WT

  • Dia

    When I read your (warranted) criticism of the parents who let it get this far, I couldn't help but recall that THIS TYPE of JW child offender would be the first to claim, 'just joking' and further, to accuse or insinuate that it was the child protectors who were guilty of entertaining 'immoral thoughts' about THEM.

    Sound familiar?

  • Buster

    Downunderandout, I'm home now from a long day of meetings. I've reread my response to you and think that I came at you a bit hard and fast. You and I agree on the heiniousness of the acts described in this thread. But here are a couple things I look for in such reports.

    I look for indications that the society tried to cover up the situation - the congregation removed the elder, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that after the victim's family moves, he is reappointed in less than a year.

    I look for more severe physical contact to indicate an extreme case - I am relieved when I don't find it.

    The things I said about my own connections to child sexual abuse are true - it gets sooo much worse. You can add to that a couple second-hand experiences I've had in my congregation - a friend of mine, and the daughter of a friend of mine. It turns my stomach to think of the infrastructure that protects such bastards. But I didn't want to push back at those that I agree with.


    John: you and I have tackled a few elders together on this exact topic. We sent 'em packin' - didn't we partner? (For the rest of you, there were a few spicy times over on the SilentLambs site)

  • avengers

    Is the former elder still allowed to go door to door?

    And if he does, will the people at the houses he visits know he's a pedophile?

    He should wear an identity-tag on which it identifies him as an abuser. If people then still want to talk to him, then they can do so at their own risk and choice. I'm not kidding.

    My opinion is that every convicted abuser who wants to go door to door must be free to do so when he wears an identifying tag so people at the door can make the decision.

    Choice is good.

  • Scully

    Dia writes:

    When I read your (warranted) criticism of the parents who let it get this far, I couldn't help but recall that THIS TYPE of JW child offender would be the first to claim, 'just joking' and further, to accuse or insinuate that it was the child protectors who were guilty of entertaining 'immoral thoughts'

    This is similar to what happened to me. When I told the "brother" (my best friend's father) to keep his hands to himself, he went off into a tirade of how badly I had hurt his feelings..... how he was just trying to show me how happy he was that I hadn't left The TruthTM (like his daughter - my best friend - had) [btw, his idea of showing that was to pretend to hug me with one arm around me - which is what everyone in the room saw - while his other hand grabbed my breast - which nobody saw due to where we were standing]...... and he complained loud and long about how I needed to show more respect to "my elders", how disrespecting him like that was the same as "not honoring my parents", and how I was the one with immoral thoughts about him!!

    Pedophiles are not stupid. They have these lines well rehearsed. They are predators and make their moves in calculated, pre-arranged ways. They strike when they have the "perfect opportunity". Every encounter is planned in advance, and they wait for the opportunity to present itself. Sometimes the target doesn't even know that they are a target. It only occurred to me recently that the one who targeted me used to take pictures of his daughter and I while we went swimming and sunbathing in their back yard, but we never saw any photos... which isn't what you'd expect to happen when a friend of the family takes pictures of your kids doing stuff together.

    When I think about the situation now, I can see lots of ways that I was being "set up". At the time I was too naive and he was so subtle that I never had a clue about what was going on in his head until that day at the Book Study in my own living room.

    Love, Scully

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    old hippie; i will agree that the elders in the 1st century churches in the bible were aproved or apointed by the holy sprit... but for one to put forth , that the jw elders are showing the fruits of the gospel ... is FAR OUT.... REMEMBER THAT PHARSE? first off the wt is teaching a false gospel.. so according to thwe bible god has nothing to do with any jw ..except to condemn the wt as false teachers... it is that simple... that was a great jw line of crap you gave ,, when the words of the wt are TESTED.. IN THE LAST 2 YEARS of new wt's i have read dozens of times were the wt is saying the elders are apointed by the HOLY SPRIT.. how you must follow their direction like that of the fds or as if it was from jehovah himself. etc. i'm sorry i did not write down the pages ... but if you want to press the issue i can look it up.. the jw elders are suppose to be spritual leaders of the flock... the only place these jw's are leading their flock with the beattings and punishment they dish out for not working hard enough for the false christ the wt is to the lake of fire... i have never once met a elder that can prove that the wt was choosen by jesus in 1919 or at any time.. and they never call me back or want another study with me.. and i tell them get any jw they want .. i show them that the wt is just one snowball of lies rolling down the mountain.... jesus said you cannot get good fruit from a rotten tree... well the wt has been rotton since 1879... the wt is like a conterfeit 100 dollar bill... it looks good till you take it to the bank, after it is tested you walk out of the bank without a PENNY....JOHN

  • TheOldHippie

    johnny cip, you have misunderstood my post. I pointed out what the Society's view on the appointment of elders is, and I was neither defending nor critizising, just giving you the fact in order to clear away the misunderstanding that each and everyone of them supposedly was appointed by the holy spirit individually, and by the governing body. I pointed out they are not, and what the Society tells is meant by the phrase "by the holy spirit".

    How they carry out their business and how they are misusing their power to rule, are quite other topics. Please, my friend, separate the two.


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