Sunday's WT study

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  • ozziepost

    I think this is n opportunity to "flag" as one of your favorites the JWIC site. Brilliant work there!


  • simwitness

    Lets see if I can get the math straight:

    6,304,645 publishers, a 3.1% increase.

    = 190,000 new "publishers".

    Number of hours to "convert" each one:

    1,202,381,302 divided by the number of new converts = 6328 hours invested.

    Must be a real hard sell. If we were to look in the book of Acts, seems that the conversion took only minutes (if that) before the "Great Apostacy".

    This also means that each publisher spent 190 hours in the field service, or aproximately 4 hours per week.

    Just think of the good that could be done if they put that amount of resources toward something interesting, like helping the homeless, neighborhood programs, etc...

  • Scully

    simwitness writes:

    6,304,645 publishers, a 3.1% increase.

    = 190,000 new "publishers".

    I wonder how many of these are the result of being allowed to count 15-minute publishers.... who used to be considered "inactive" or "irregular"?

    Love, Scully

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