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  • RunningMan

    I need some information, and I hope that someone on this forum can help me.

    Yesterday, my mother in law was telling my wife about the wonderful WT study yesterday morning. Apparently, it was the one where they discuss the annual report for last year.

    She mentioned that the article pointed to a 30% increase in baptisms. Since we don't have the article, we have no idea what she is talking about. (Baptisms have not increased by 30%. Maybe it refers to a specific country, or maybe she's just mistaken)

    Does anyone have that article? Or, better yet, is there somewhere online where I can see a scan of the annual report?

  • zev
  • RunningMan

    Zev: That is precisely the type of thing I am looking for, except that I need it for 2002.

    I know it existed somewhere, but I can't find it anymore.

  • jgnat
  • Matty
    ...It also prospers where public information sources are limited or restricted. In this regard, "epidemiology" of the Watchtower religion is very similar to that of contagious infectious diseases. Where the public awareness of disease propagation is limited, the disease spread rapidly. Is it totally a coincidence that the countries of rapid growth of JW population are also the countries of rapid growth in AIDS population?

    Whoa, no doubt whose side he's on!! Very interesting site!

  • benext

    Did they leave the increase/decrease off the report?



    You wrote:

    Since we don't have the article, we have no idea what she is talking about.

    Does this mean you and your wife have stopped going to meetings?!?!?!

    If that is true, then you are indeed making progress toward your aspirations!!

    That is wonderful news! Wishing you success and happiness!!


  • RunningMan

    Yes. Actually, I thought I had mentioned that. Our one year anniversary will be on April 10.

    We are officially off the meeting wagon. Meeting-free for 306 days.

  • Mary

    Paragraph 14:

    ".....Are there many today who need the inspired encouragement to stay alter? Yes. During the 2002 service year, a peak of 6,304,645 publishers--a 3.1 percent increase over 2001--gave evidence of being spiritually alert by spending 1,202,381,302 hours talking to others about God's Kingdom....."

    I guess your mother-in-law read it wrong or wasn't "paying close attention" during the study....LOL!!! It wasn't a 30% increase, but a mere 3.1% increase. 99% of this increase (if it's actually to be believed) comes either from those who were born Witnesses and those in Third World Countries who have no way of knowing whether what they're being told is "the Truth" or not. To say that there was over a billion hours spent trying to convert people, I'd say the pickins' are pretty slim.

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  • Blueblades

    Gave evidence of being spiritually alert by spending xxx amount of hours in talking to others about the kingdom?

    Earlier they wrote that activity has nothing to do with spirituality,its whats inside of us that determines our spirituality,not our meeting attendence nor our field service activity.

    So,which is it???????????????

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