Women as elders

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    Most of the main line protestant denominations have had women elders for years. They add a great deal to the spiritual dimension of their congregations.

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    Haven't you seen what has happened to the human race because Adam listened to a woman? And think of all the witches the church had to kill. Women are just baby machines!

    Help!! Don't hit me, no more sex, Oh NO. You're not going to work anymore? I'll have to fix my own supper? I take it all back, it was just a joke.........Can't you take a joke?

    Ken P.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Ken you can run but you can't hide LOL

    To play devil's advocate here

    I do know some pretty vicious women too so wouldn't want them in power either

    Yup totalism must go ah heck the WTS must go

  • gumby

    Can you imagine what a congregation would be like with 5 women Elders being on their period at the same time?

    You'd here stuff like....."Why in the hell haven't you turned in your time yet !

    "What do you mean your doing return visits this morning and no door to door you creep!

    I think I like the men in charge.......at least their consistant in being a-holes

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    Well, it shouldn't matter right? I agree the results will most likely be very different, but the thing is when it comes to spirituality I see the whole power struggle business as a conflict of interest. If the point is not to exert power over others, then the question of who has the power becomes irrelevant. It seems sometimes women work so hard to get to where they want to be and then in the process they kind of lose the qualities that would make for a female contribution.

    BTW, it doesn't always have to be an official appointment. I remember one pioneer sister that's been around a long time that the elders were kind of afraid of, and I suppose maybe they didn't want to take the time to give the sisters counsel anyways.

  • Deli King
    Deli King

    Would they have to meet certain qualifications?

  • Flip

    The title of elder alone should be enough to disuade almost any female older than 29 from aspiring to wearing that name tag.

    Although, neither would I ascribe to using something like Head Britney or Size 2 as being appropriate also.

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