Vagina Monologues

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  • Hojon

    I think that the double standard is as much from women as from men. I know way more women that talk shit about other women, than men. Hardly ever do I hear a guy say that some woman is a slut, or if he does it doesn't really mean anything very negative, just that she likes to have sex. However, when a woman calls another woman a slut it's usually much more hateful than when a man does it and the women means to slander the person she is talking about.

    This could in part be the crowds I run in, I don't hang out with fundy types and most of my friends tend to be fairly progressive about sex (they have no problem with gays, they don't mind sexually aggressive women, etc).

  • bittersweet

    They taped one of the shows,and I saw it on one of the movie channels.It was great! I would recommend it to everyone. If there is no live show available for one to see, you can rent it from your local video store.


    A friend of mine here in Toronto, she was part of the Toronto show of the "Vagina Monologues".

    Her name: Jemini. Present day radio host on urban FM "Flow 93.5".

    I did not get to see her perform at last years show, but she assured me it was 'wonderful'.

    I think it's great for women to be able to express themselves in anyway they see fit and in their own words. Makes it unique, specific and something that they can relate to.

    Hearing women share their thoughts and feelings in such a manner can help us 'men' to better understand and support them.

    Hats off to 'Marcia Brady'.

  • Vivamus

    I read the book - LMAO

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