Did you have physical repercussions?

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  • obiwan

    I almost barfed.

  • teenyuck

    When my mom was DFd she went from normal (as well as any JW can be) to bed ridden...she laid in bed for three months in a major depression and had irritable bowel and major stomach upset.

    She cried continually and would lay in bed begging Jehovah's forgiveness. (My bedroom was right next to hers so I heard it all) The elders never visited, no one who was her "friend" visited and I was basically her care taker (including all bills and food purchases) at age 16. She talked about suicide and what was the point of life; then she would say that she had no hope of the new system if she did, so she would'nt.

    I will never forget that. She then started a letter writing campaign and was eventually found guilty but repentant-she was reinstated. She now says that it was not that bad...the elders were human who made a mistake.

    Very SAD....(Still A Dub)

  • obiwan

    I would think being bed ridden is pretty bad....so sad the things the borg will put people through.

  • Sirona

    I had problems with my menstrual cycle - basically it all stopped! Then I was bleeding when I shouldn't have been. Also, I took to shaking a lot and pretty much crying all the time.

    I wasn't even DF, that was just the judicial meeting experience.


  • shera


    I don't know if this means anything,I'm so sorry this happened to all of you.The more I hear,the more I believe they are controled by satan.These elders really believe they have God's Spirit?They surley don't have a loving god's spirit.

  • wednesday

    I was so traumatized, i was in a dissociative state and was sort of reacting like a robot. it also affected my infant son, he had diarrhea and voimitng b/c his Mommy was so upset. loathed myself and became very depressed, had IBS, hair fallout, and became reclusive. I did things to delibertly injure myself. I was into such a self hatred pattern, i regulary confessed to everything.

    As Meat Loaf would say "that was long ago, and far away..". true, but some of the memories are still intact and are powerful enugh to draw me back at times.

    I can't think of anything bad enough to happen to those 4 SOB, hell would be too good.

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  • Englishman

    My first JC (FORNICATION) was held in a caravan in Gosport. The lady who owned the caravan made cups of tea for us all. My Dad was PO, so he had to get someone else to stand in for him. I got 12 months probation, was forbidden to ever be alone with my fiance and barred from talks and prayers for the duration.

    My second JC (ASSOCIATING WITH DF'd PERSONS) was held some 4 years later. I refused to attend stating that didn't recognise the authority of the court. It was adjourned, so I was DF'd at the second hearing. That was in Leigh Park, Portsmouth.


  • acsot

    OMG! I feel so bad for those of you who had to suffer like that . I'm working on a slow fade right now and I will never ever go to a JC - what a$$holes those elders are! I hope they get what's coming to them!

  • ozziepost

    what a$$holes those elders are!

    Yes, they are, Acsot but we need to remember that they believe they are doing good! They believe that in doing what they do, they are showing loyalty to Jehovah. Of course, we realise that sincerity is not enough, but they have no choice. That's how they see it, for there will always be someone "checking up" on them, whether it be fellow elders on their BOE, or the CO or Service Department.

    In our case, Mrs Ozzie and I tried to be "fadeways" but it lasted for just a few years. Then when we were visited, an elder, dispatched from Bethel to inform us they would announce our DA, left us with the words "And don't forget we've got your kids!". How true were his words. They have taken them and hidden them from us. How could an elder with a conscience even say such words? Sometimes an elder is troubled like in the first experience I related on this thread. One of the "offending" elders went to visit the sister to apologise and soon left Bethel. He was greatly troubled.

    The whole structure makes for a horrendous life in the Borg and it's only when you "stand back", as you Acsot and so many others are doing, that you realise what life was really like in the Borg.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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