whats the purpose of human life

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  • sf

    We humans were made to work, IMHO. Those who don't have missed one of our main purposes as humans, even if they did scam our system and safety nets designed to help people who CANNOT contribute to our society.


  • Dawn

    Hi Undecided:

    My father DOES speak to me. As a JW (like everyone else here) was never taught how to listen to God or even to ask him for things on a personal level - everything was directed to the "organization". When some christian friends of mine started talking about their relationship with God and how he speaks to them I thought they'd gone a little coocoo......what the ???? Did they hear voices in their head or what?! But I started praying and asking him to teach me how to listen, to open my ears and my heart.

    Now I do hear him - it's like a thought that comes in my head that I know isn't mine.

    But here's the thing. If you are talking to someone and they turn away from you what do you do? You quit talking of course - obviously they don't want to have a conversation with you. Same way with God - if he's not talking to us it's because we aren't listening. Some people just don't want to - and then lots of others (like us X-JW's) don't listen because we don't know how.

    I know from reading your posts that you have a lot of questions about faith and the bible - and you've brought up some really good points that made me think and do some research. That's a good thing. JW's were never allowed to question - obviously because they didn't have the truth. Noone should ever be afraid of questions - even if we don't have all the answers.

  • ISP

    Its to go to 5 meetings a week, spend non-meeting nights preparing for the meeting nights and spend the weekends in field service.


  • TR

    You don't want sh*t, but I'll give you some anyway.

    whats the purpose of human life

    To wipe out evil like Saddam and Bin Laden.


  • D8TA

    The Purpose of Human Life:

    To aspire to the clouds only to be shot down and thrown in to the deepest pits of hell, only to climb out of the infested inferno of apathy, to yet again be dragged back down. And if you your one of the few lucky souls in the history of this planet, you'll be remembered for great deeds, be they for the benifit of humanity...or it's destruction. Then one day, you stop breathing, turn gray and cold and become maggot food and an unknown existence in about 2 generations time.

    If your lucky, you get to have some sex and have some kids....and that's about it. Career, intellectual pursuits, most everything...goes in to the wind and passage of time. A few lucky artists a various mediums still remain in humanity's memories as well.

    Face it, in about a 1000's years...there's only going to be a few people from our time who will be remembered.

    In short, the purpose to life is: Born, Grow, Procreate, and Die.

  • D8TA

    Oh...and that was my "optimistic version"....wanna hear my other one?

  • Crazy151drinker


    1) To procreate and insure the survival of your species


    2) To serve the Lord (or whatever Religious beliefs you may have)

  • Dawn

    geeeezzzzzzz D8TA..........bet you're just a riot at parties aren't ya?

  • Flip

    To provide differing types of bacteria a moist, warm and cozy environment to thrive and fight their own bloody battles.

    Perhaps humans exist simply as larger versions of the little pathological buggers and they let us think we're all high and mighty while they use our bodies like some kind of trip to Vegas or Key West retirement condo.

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