When you want something really bad.

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  • Vivamus

    *sigh* You know when you want something really, really bad, and suddenly you get it, and you wonder if its gonna last, and if its for real? I got that now with my dad. After 23 years of not being in touch with the man, I am having a good relation with him. To the point where I am comfortable enough to hop in my car, and know I'm welcome at his house. Where there is always room at the dinner table for an extra plate for me, and where he tells me to give a call that I've arrived safely back home when I'm leaving. I can tell him my problems, and he'll help me out, and he laughs at my jokes, and I laugh at his, and I can sit with my legs resting on the couch if I wanted to. and he'll give me advise, and he is supporting me in my final decisions. I have a daddy now. *Sits in silence, amazed that its actually happening and for real*

  • freedom96

    Good for you! Enjoy!

  • Blueblades

    Hi Vivamus! Enjoy these days with your Dad while you can.I miss my Dad. I should of listened to him 30 something yrs. ago.He tried to warn me way back then about the WT.Society.He use to tell me, ,just who do they think they are JESUS CHRIST Himself.When he had them over he would take over the Bible study and they couldn't control him,so, they stopped coming to see him.I sure wish I could tell him now how right he was way back then. Blueblades

  • Sargon

    You're lucky Viv. Hold onto this time and cherish it. When my father passed away, we had way too many issues left hanging between us. If there were any way to turn back time, the only thing I would change would be my relationship with my dad. Make the most of this, I wish I had.

  • Mum

    That's good news, Viv. It's better to let go of that insecurity, though (easier said than done, I know), and just enjoy the present.

    The past is a memory. The future is an illusion. All we have is now; that's why it's called the "present."

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    Just enjoy it and don't worry about it. I lost my Dad 3 years ago after he had heart surgery, and there is so much I wish I would have said to him. I wish I would have spent more time with him.

    Imagine never having had the opportunity you are having now. Imagine what it would have been like if you never connected with your Dad. Imagine if you never got to laugh with him and talk with him like you are now.....not to share a smile with him. Isn't that what you were afraid was going to happen? But, now you are in the present...you are experiencing what you were afraid would never happen!

    Enjoy the present, and not if it's going to last. You are building memories that you and your father will treasure for years to come. Do all you want to do together now. You lost him, but you got him back! I will never have my own Dad back......

  • manon

    Viva relish every moment.


  • nightwarrior


    That is lovely to read, enjoy and let him become your friend, and dad.... nothing quite like a daughter and her dad.....

    You have brought a smile to my face.

    ps... your 'fans' were having a good look at your photo LOL

    MRS Nightwarrior

  • Xena

    I am glad to hear you and your dad are getting along so well........my dad and I didn't really have a close relationship till after my mom died...lol she always did all the talking and hanging out with us...when she died he tried to take up the slack....unfortunately he passed away 4 months later, but in that time I felt like I finally got to know him a bit better...

    Cherish the time you have

  • JamesThomas


    I can only back up what some others have already said.

    When you are with your dad, be there very present with him; without thoughts or judgments or worries or commentaries about what was, or should have been or what will be in some abstract future time.

    Don't let your mind steal from you what you have now. Enjoy.


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