Were People Always Trying To Give You Advice?

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  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    HI vivian!

    I hope to see at the next meet-up too!

  • imanaliento

    when we were first studying the elder would try to preach to us on how to raise our boys. how they should sit for the study, needed to hear comments from them and so on.

    One of them was allergic to milk products so he would have kool-aid on occassion.

    elder G. would say how bad it was for you and when you drink it you tend to go the other way (whatever that meant). he would say all this while drinking his 3rd cup of coffee.

  • Elsewhere

    I was once one of those pesky MS's that offered the advice of an "untrained volunteer"....

    I recall one sister who was having trouble quitting smoking... so off-the-cuff I came up with the marvelous idea that she should try sucking on pen's in place of cigarettes.

    Well... it doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to figure out what happened next... she got a mouth full of ink.

  • minimus

    Elsewhere.....glad you only recommended pens.

  • yumbby

    nope... people were always so uneasy around my family, my mom being the insane partaking apostate and all.. they mostly just looked uncomfortable and shifted from foot to foot when forced to speak to any one of us.

  • minimus

    I just posted a thread on SEX. I know many JW's that tried to discuss their view of sex and why the Society is correct in believing that most sex is perverse. Their was always a married couple that would engage in these discussions and then proclaim that such practices could lead to, per the Society, homosexuality.

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