Watchtower Double Talk September 15, 2015

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  • GrreatTeacher
    ...because smart is a verb...
  • LevelThePlayingField

    ReligionOfHatred - you said, "oh course he can pull his Holy Spirit away from them just like he did to Israel,"

    I think that may have happened already. You make some seriously good points. Thank you.

  • WTWizard

    Higher education as we have it has many a problem, not the least being the debt you will run up. Also, it is designed to make people rigid so they will not be able to do their own thinking--maintaining the status quo so the Rockefeller scum can keep us enslaved. No one can invent anything if they are taught rubbish. Of note, this starts right at the entry of regular school, explaining why school years are so damn long and yet we cannot learn anything worthwhile (such as starting a business that will put these Rockefeller businesses out of business and make the Rothschild scum destitute).

    However, the way the job market is rigged, unless you have a degree, you will not get a job. You have to prove to the companies that you will not go off and start your own company when you do not like the crap pay you get or the rules they impose, thereby putting the parent company out of business and giving society a chance to truly advance. Without that piece of paper, you do not have job prospects. This is especially true of legal and medical issues, where the Rothschilds and Rockefellers (our masters) are threatened if anyone sidesteps their system.

    Aside this, college has plenty of positive appeal. Often, this is the first experience of sustained independence from one's parents yet not fully in the real world. One can make mistakes and learn from them while in college. This is often when a person separates from one's parents--becoming the Great Divide between being totally dependent on parents and being totally on one's own. The ban on college is why so many jokehovian children remain "children" living with their parents well into their 30s and beyond.

    Now, about timing. With Saturn about to return to Sagittarius, this time until December 20, 2017, now might not be the best time to return to college. The good news is that Saturn then enters Capricorn, and Jupiter enters Sagittarius in late 2018 (which is a much better time to enter college). By then, the financial system will have run its course, the dollar will be toilet paper, and the college debt will have caused a crash in college tuition prices. I can only hope that, by then, the financial system will have ruined the Rockefeller and Rothschild system and spurred a vast need for new businesses. At which point, a real higher education will be nothing but an asset--real science not biased by the Rockefeller scum will help everyone. At that point, having real higher education will ensure you a trip to the upper class, with meaningful work, and no debt.

    Even then, the jokehovians will be bashing higher education. Even when higher education provides one the means to advance society instead of proving one is indoctrinated to the Rockefellers, the jokehovian witlesses will insist that the time is for field circus and that people should be stuck in that soul-deadening rut of boasting sessions and field circus. I will add that, no matter how rigid the current higher education system is now, the Asleep! is by far worse and you don't even get the ticket to a decent job out of the washtowel or the theocraptic misery "school(??)".

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Level when do you think this took place, I hear people debate it happened during the 1990s, do you have any theories when Jehovah and Jesus Christ decided they had the GB tried to equate themselves with Jesus or grab Jehovah's power? It's obvious they crossed boundaries from a semblance of love and truth, back to hate! They are getting a reputation in the Media hatred, they hate faders, hate ex-JWs that won't tolerate false teachings, they hate Christendom, they hate Babylon Members(I use their terms) and back to the way they treat people living it, their sick in the head! I am interested if anyone has ideas that feel the Holy Spirit was removed just like Mad Drunk King Saul, thank you!

    I know others here don't believe they ever had it or God exists, but what about people who think they did have some chance to please Jehovah, when do you think he pulled the "trap door" and sent them flying in to a room of thorny litigation plus allowed Satan full access to their entire operations?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "the experience of many shows that pursuing such things often leads to loss of faith and loss of love for God."

    Well, it clearly hasn't been the experience of the countless J.W.'s with college degrees who are working for free at Headquarters and elsewhere!

    They are even more blessed & zealous in God's organization!

  • LevelThePlayingField
    ReligionOfHatred - I don't know if the GB ever really had Jah's holy spirit. I read through Stumpy's links and saw how the WT plainly lied to their own flock from the very start with Russell and covered over their history with more lies. And now this stuff with the Royal Commission and Jackson and the rest of the elders and their lies. It makes Christendom look clean, no joke!

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