How to evade questions from elders when you stop going out door to door

by Olivia Wilde 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    All great ideas & i think now with your ideas I do have something in mind to say, I really don't want to say I'm depressed because I'm afraid they might use that done the road & call me a "mentally diseased" "apostate".... i love these elders & i know they mean well but since we are having CO visit in few weeks he mentioned he wanted to do a shepherding call cuz I haven't been out in door to door in months, the only hrs I'm reporting is my bible study with my child, since I want to teach him from the bible, i don't use any WT literature, reporting a few hrs a month so I don't draw too much suspition but they notice my decline in hrs.... & that is what prompted questions which I'm avoiding to walk by them
  • stillin
    I said that in the past I had always been motivated from my heart. I actually wanted to talk with people about the Kingdom hope. But now it just seems like a rut. Jehovah is not happy with that kind of service. People left me alone after that
  • stuckinarut2

    I agree with Daniel1555!

    Well said sir!

    I would also add a rhetorical question: "is my 'spirituality' being questioned because of OUTWARD appearances?"

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Tell them that you have a fever, a fever for more cowbell!
  • Magwitch
    Fibromyalgia works for many sisters (Whatever that is)
  • millie210

    It sounds like you are doing a graceful job of things Olivia.

    If you can just get past the C.O. visit, things will probably drift back to the daily status quo.

  • LisaRose

    It's true that elders only have the power you give them, but setting appropriate boundaries with them is not easy, you have been trained to obey them for a long time. Even though you know tatt, it's still hard to over come the feeling that you have to do what they ask, so be patient with yourself. This is just harder for some people than for others. Practice a few things to saying the mirror so that it comes naturally to you. Keep telling yourself that you have a right to your feelings and to your privacy. They may mean well but they are not your friend, you owe them nothing.

  • ReligionOfHatred

    This works for so many of the Elders who can't go door-to-door and still get hours(ghost field service)some how.

    "I am battling personal anxiety and problems I really don't want to share with you now. When I come to terms with "non-specific, be vague" my emotions than lets get ready for me to come back full steam ahead!" That works, many of the brothers and sisters are taking antidepressants, xanax, valium and other Benzo's because their burned out and stressed out like Hell! You don't owe them any reason beyond "anxiety or stress", many elders can go in to stasis without losing their position, peace be with you!

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    I enjoy changing their subject with quick questions about their children's education. Such as, "How's (name) ?, I bet he/she is excited about going to college right? and, your son/daughter seems very intelligent, has he/she decided what career to go with?" Then confuse them by seemingly forgetting they (the elders) are not a professional, by stating, "so I bet your son/daughter wants to become an engineer like you right? Upon their correcting you, reply, Oh its just that you seem so intelligent, I thought you were a professional. Then say, "great seeing you", and fake an exit.
  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    "Thank you brother xx for your personal interest. Be assured, dear brother, that I am giving my best to live a life that pleases Jehovah. I have a strong personal relationship to him and I am giving my best for him. Be assured that I will call you if I need spiritual help."

    You might add, ' Please don't hesitate to call me if you need spiritual help.'

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