Alert! Achtung! Warning!

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  • Valis

    Well apparently to the MSN search I have or am the following..

    The Valis Group that does 2D and 3D animation

    A ....Vast Active Living Intelligence Sytem

    A Book by Phillip K. Dick

    Valis multi channel cellular phone company

    A band

    A sega Genisis game..

    Whole families named after me..

    An assortment of imposter Valises all over the net..

    BTW Overbeer gets a direct hit to JWD...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

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  • ballistic

    Another interesting thing to do with names:

    Try typing your full name into the browser as the address (i.e. or and see who not only has your name but has beat you to register it.

  • seedy3


    I did a search on my user name, I didn't get much but all except for one webpage was about or by me. Funny it even gave me registeration on the SETI website. otheriwse it was mostly this website and the "Other" JW board...............INTERESTING!!!!


  • greven

    a quick search on Greven reveals the following:

    Commander Greven Il-vec >>
    Greven Guitars >> John Greven >>

    An anti spank site More pages from

    and some other stuff, nothing revealing fortunately.


  • patio34

    It seems to be safe as long as your user name differs from your e-mail name. Of course JanH and AlanF may have done the same, but those guys are very public anyway.


  • joannadandy

    Well my name and my e-mail addy are the same...and when I do a search this website is the only one that pops up. (Thank God that pornsite I named after myself doesn't seem to register...(KIDDING)...

    I guess my question is, have you said anything you are ashamed of? I haven't. Stupid things sure, but you know what, if I can share my deepest darkest emotions and opinions and a bunch of strangers, why should I be worried someone I know in real life might get a hold of these things?

  • lauralisa

    [email protected]

    Honey, we have to sit down and have a long talk.......

    Hugs, laura

  • plmkrzy

    Well I'M SAFE!

    HAHAhahahaha! LOL!

  • ballistic

    The problem for me is ballistic is my real name, my real nick name that is.

  • plmkrzy

    I have a message from

    Thanks for the Hits! And hope nobody was offended

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