My son's being seduced!

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  • LoneWolf

    Hi, all ---

    Sometimes things happen that are just too funny to keep to oneself. This just happened about an hour ago.

    My whole family is still in the Organization and in good standing, although they aren't as narrow minded as most. My wife especially is the old-fashioned Mom who wants things to be proper and of healthy influence for her kids. (I don't blame her, I do too.)

    About 6 months ago, my son Zeke (he's 17), 3 of his sisters, 2 of their husbands, and three of the grandkids had parts in the play "Fiddler on the Roof" that ran for about a month here locally. They enjoyed it immensely.

    Now the local troupe is gearing up for "Oklahoma!" Zeke is one of the cowboys, and his older sister Judy is Aunt Eller. As you may remember, there is a dream scene in the play where a bunch of hookers seduce the cowboys. Now, this has possibilities enough, but you need to know that Zeke is the youngest and only boy of our six kids. Let me tell you! When his older sisters see ANYTHING that smacks of romance around him they just come alive with glee and tease him something fierce! When that happens, he gets this big ornery grin on his face and a gleam in his eye, and anything can happen!

    Well, he was one-upped by his Momma tonight! Judy was sitting at the table and talking to Zeke who was standing nearby. Linda (my wife) was listening with only about half an ear and thinking about something else.

    Judy, grinning hugely, piped up. "Man, I wish I could have seen Zeke when he was being seduced last night!"

    Zeke came back, amused and alarmed at the same time. "I wasn't being ..."

    And Linda came alive! "Zeke ... seduced ... WHAAAAT!!!"

    I was already dying!

    So Zeke had to explain all about that scene. "WHO IS THE GIRL?" "WHAT IS SHE DOING?" demands his Momma with fire in her eyes. And he explains that too.

    By this time the tears are rolling down my cheeks!

    Finally Linda is satisfied, but the fire is still there. "Well," she says all belligerently, "I guess it's all right, but I'm going to get you some duct tape!"

    Aww, you should have seen his face! Total bewilderment and astonishment and his eyebrows clear up on top of his head ... "Duct tape .... What for????"


    Folks, I guess I've got a reputation on the board of being an ornery old man, but dang it! How can I be anything else with a family like that??

    Take care,

    Tom (LoneWolf)

  • think41self

    LOLOL Lonewolf

    That was a funny story.

    Tell your wife the drawback to taping that thing down is, every time he sees a pretty girl, he's liable to kick her in the face....assuming it's taped to his leg? hehehehe


  • pr_capone

    That is some funny stuff man!

    Poor kid, my family used to harras me the same way.

  • Gizmo

    LMAO LoneWolf, lol, sounds like you have a nice family thing happening there that's great!




    Thank you for sharing, duct tape; I'll have to remember that one!!

  • patio34

    Very well written! Poor young men!


  • LoneWolf

    Thanks, folks, yeah it can be rather wild sometimes!

    I wouldn't feel too sorry for Zeke though, 'cause he's been giving his big sisters a hard time ever since he was an infant. I was actually kind of worried about whether he'd be able to hack it with 5 big sisters as ornery as they are, but he put my mind at rest at the age of 18 months.

    That was when our #2 daughter JoAnne came home from Denver where she was working for Continental Airlines and was in the girl's bathroom brushing her long hair. She put the brush down for a second and he snatched it when she wasn't looking and headed on a beeline for our bathroom. By the time she caught up to him, he was standing at our toilet, holding the brush over it threatening to dump it in, and giggling himself sick 'cause she was screeching like a banshee.

    He never intended to drop it, he just wanted to hear her hollar!

    Someday I'll have to tell you all what happened when Alan F. visited. Hehehehe!


  • ugg


  • AlanF

    Great story, Lonewolf!

    : Someday I'll have to tell you all what happened when Alan F. visited. Hehehehe!

    Do tell.


  • Tatiana

    I like the way you write, LW. Makes you see it as if you were there. :)

    And please hurry with the dirt on AlanF!!! lol

    Can't wait......


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