kh elder wipeout today!!

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  • reporter
    like what'as worng with my birthday I don't want you to kill the baker,,, i just want you the buy a cake from the baker????

    That's priceless. Coming from kids it's gonna have 100 times the effect!

    Like Hawkaw has said, kick the tires and start the fires!

    Always transfer the onus on the elders to prove that the FDS teachings are not in error! In order to break this cult, you have to remove their soapbox foundation of exclusivity to divine inspiration.

    I wish someone took a video...I'm so onto video these days, if no one noticed

    Speaking of apostates, wasn't Jesus an apostate Jew? Wasn't Russell an apostate before bringing forth his writings? Debate is a two-way street. It's a shame that the elders obfuscated attempts to read the Bible and the WT teachings for themselves.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    Buster; you would not be a fly on the wall.;... in fact i might have trouble keeping up with your interlick.... my spelling sucks... it would be fun working them with you or others here...... i know you have no fear of the wt.....i'm so happy i gave one of best witnesses against the wt , in the last months or year... i can only thank jesus ...................

  • shera

    Johnny cip..wonderful..good stuff! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!

  • whyhideit

    Yet we all know, it went in one ear and out the other. They probably think they won.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    yes reporter; it sucks when a 65 yr old jw' can't out bulls++t a 7 yr old kid.... that's my focus now , in my family ,, see my siblings want a baby sitter... but dad wants to take them into the fs and the kh so it's a fight thaT my siblings know that i'm right about the wt.. but they want that free time... funny hiow theyn are all goimg bowling now on sundays and the kids can't go into fs no body wants to fight with with me or my dad the jw... but they know in their hearts the wt is full of crap.. all the black and blues we got for not sitting straight at the hall..... i'll keep letting the kids beat grampa on why he will not come to parties. etc. inside i know it's killing dad the jw , how the kids are bird feed for the birds in crooklyn.....etc,..........

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hi why hideit; no it didn't go that way I stopped them from the start.... i never let them get out of the box... i don't play with false teachers ... i put them in the hol;e from the start.... i never let them out of the hole .....the wt is god;s sprited directed org.... they can't win ... i know too much... in 3 years not one jw can touch me.... and there's MANY who know much more than me..... i will study any book the elders want ..... but be ready when i find holes in them........ bottom line i hunt out elders etc who are supposed to be choosened by by the holy sprit ... and i bust them from the word GO!!!!!!!!!!!! IF MORE x jw's here would put them in their place ,right out of the box ther would not be all this bulll i read here///////freedom in christ

  • enjoy

    Johnny keep up the good work They JW are taught that they know the bible better than most other religions and people and it time to turn the tables on them... KEEP it up...

  • sf

    "IF MORE x jw's here would put them in their place ,right out of the box ther would not be all this bulll i read here///////"

    Man, I just love your stuff.

    Go get 'em tiger!

    By the by, any chance of recording any of these INNOCULATIONS?



    Johnny cip, I admire and respect your passion with regards to your KH elder wipeout.

    I wish I had that passion 20 years ago just after I left the Borg.

    You know, people such as yourselves, are there at the right time and right place.

    For me, when I left the borg I left everything that was associated with it completely, bible included.

    There are people who need to be shown things from either a biblical perspective or from the organizations own writings; I guess it turns out to be a combination of the two.

    Good job !

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