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  • Akid48

    So my aunt hates pcs but works in a office job and uses a pc to do work she has worked there for 23 years she taking me and my brothers laptops etc and she said i have to earn it doing jw things studying listening at meetings etc.

    so if it is the last time i post hear i thank you all for you have told me i wish the all of you the best life you can have.I will try to post hear this will start when im in school.

  • Diogenesister

    Hey Hi, I've really enjoyed reading your posts. I hope to hear from you soon. Remember, don't get baptised whatever you do, no matter the pressure as it can and will be used against you in the future. Since you've already tragically lost your parents you really don't need to be shunned on top of God.Please make a good education your No 1 goal as it's your passport to freedom and growth. Get as much support As you can from teachers, councillors and school and refer them to for info on jw attitude to education, child abuse, shunning etc please tell them your situation.

    If you need any support in the future go to exjwreddit, it's a younger crowd with many in your situation and they have a section on support for youngsters loosing their home due to jw family shunning them.

    Best of luck. PM me if u need help I'm a mum of boys only 2 years younger than u and it breaks my heart. You are something special, never ever forget that.

  • Chook

    It will be ok kiddo you may get your own phone one day and tell aunt you need it for meetings and all new Jw apps. We will always be waiting and hoping you choose a fulfilling life. You can still be a spy and stay undercover, good luck chook.

  • Akid48


    i want to make one more post after this one to say one more thing that i had on my mind

  • Listener

    Hi Akid48, I don't know where you live but often public libraries may give you free access to Computers and the internet for a limited time.

    Diogenesister is right in saying that getting baptized would be a big mistake.

    All the best.

  • flipper

    AKID48- I hope you are able to join back with us soon. I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts and posts. We will be putting out positive thoughts to you for your future. Remember we will still be here as a support to you. Hang in there and get a good education. We'll be thinking of you. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • smiddy

    I had the same thought as Listner about public librarys allow you to use PC`s for free.

    Take care and have a great future.

  • steve2

    Use computers in the public library.

    No need to be so final about not posting again.

    There are no requirements that you've got to post a certain number of times - people are in all sorts of situations and many have to make the best of difficult ones.

  • pale.emperor

    she taking me and my brothers laptops etc and she said i have to earn it doing jw things studying listening at meetings etc.

    Yeah, this doesn't sound like a cult at all does it?

  • zeb

    Did it enter her head you need the LT to do school assignments these days whether she like it or not.

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