Ah, Saturday mornings

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  • ashitaka

    I just love Saturday mornings now. No service, no wearing uncomfortable clothes trapsing through snow, slipping on ice, getting yelled at by people who actually have lives.

    This morning, I had my pipe, got a coffee from Wawa, and watched some Simpsons episodes.

    I'm planning on taking a walk through the snow later on.

    Man, I love Saturdays.


  • Elsewhere

    Oh YES!!!!!

    I agree!!!!

    Free at last! Free at last! Thank gawd allmighty... I'm free at last!!!

  • LB

    Just got back from the highschool where I made sure the heat was way up for our game this afternoon. After breakfast I'll take a little hike in the woods and then head up to school for some basketball. Yes saturdays are something to look forward to these days.

  • Billygoat

    I love Saturday mornings too! After a hard and long week, there is nothing like sleeping in, going for a walk with my dogs and coming back to the wonderful heated house. Neil has started a new tradition of cooking me breakfast every Saturday morning. It's so comforting to smell eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns and hear the beep of the coffee machine.

    Ahhhh...Life is good!

  • Valis
    This morning, I had my pipe, got a coffee

    eheh...me too...dog bless America!

    good luck on your game today LB...


    District Overbeer of the "Wake N' Bake" class

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Ashitaka, what about all those meetings? Ah, no more RUSHING and wearing TIES!

    Guest 77

  • Carmel

    You guys sound like a bunch of disgruntled 7th Day Adventists! Me, I'm spending the day digging a dam hole in the back yard for a "water feature". Wish I had snow on the ground as an excuse to stay in!


  • Mary

    Ah yes, we got up around 8:45am, and decided to go out for breakfast at our favorite restaurant. After our leisurely meal, we went to the mall before it got real busy and where I bought myself a new pair of winter boots. Now it's almost noon, so I have to do a bit of laundry, and then from 2:00pm - 3:00pm, I'll be watching I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched..........

  • Solace

    Saturday & Sunday mornings are SO yummy!

    Cant wait till summer so I can get out and enjoy the weather.

    BTW, I could never forget you guys, I'll take the laptop out on the deck with my morning coffee!

    (As I stare at the four feet of snow we have in the backyard) Sigh.............................

  • back2dafront

    my saturdays are filled with a 12 hour work shift unfortunately. 6am - 6pm. Saturday AND Sunday. But I get paid extra for working this shift (because no sane individual wants to work this shift) so that's one pro.

    I get 3 days off during the week. While the average person is at work, I'm at the beach or hiking. Hopefully I can get out of this schedule soon though..it's starting to wear on me...


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