I hung out with Prince...

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  • undercover
    Larry Graham was interviewed at the District Convention last year. I really thought it was incredible how he was used as an example of someone who was able to simplify his life and pioneer. I guess even though I am not a multi-millionaire musician, I should somehow be able to arrange my life to devote more time to the ministry.

    This goes back to a thread some time ago about how the assemblies and conventions use out of touch experiences of how people make more time for the ministry. Gimme a break. Graham doesn't have to work 40-50 hours a weeks, 52 weeks a year, 40-50 years. Of course he can make time for pioneering. Give me a million or two and I could make time too. On the other hand, you parade a successful, rich, muscian pioneer around on stage and how are you going to convince the youth in the audience not to pursue their talents instead of full-time pioneering?

    So these guys were with Santana, huh? I wonder if they have been counseled on their association with worldly people. If normal dubs aren't even supposed to own a Santana album, then actually hanging out with the dude has gotta be a no-no. Did they join him on stage to play Black Magic Woman?

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