Don't Let A Window-Washer Ruin Your Life

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  • minimus

    Recently, someone posted that Jehovah's Witnesses are one of the most uneducated religions around. Since college and secular training is generally discouraged, there is good reason to believe that most Witnesses will be less educated than others. Yet, teaching is one of the main points stressed to all Witnesses. Of course, the only teaching that matters to a Witness is that which involves Bible truth, as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses.Who are considered the "teachers"? Generally, all JW's should preach and also strive to be good teachers. In this way, ministers of the good news can educate a person and hone their teaching skills. But the REAL teacher in the congregation is the elder. The elder becomes a "teacher" because of his meeting the qualifications of an "older man". Once an elder tells you to do something, you are expected to follow through. After all, the elder is appointed by holy spirit and he is a "teacher".He can make life and death decisions for you. He may be considered more qualified than a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, or even a scientist. He is able to understand spiritual things (better than you or anyone else could). If you don't pay attention to what the elders say, you could be kicked out (disfellowshipped) from God's organization. If the elders give you counsel on your life you must humbly accept it. You must follow through on their direction concerning all types of matters, such as, whether you should remain single or get married. You must listen to the elders if they tell you that you should stay with your abusive spouse. If they advise you to keep quiet about alleged pedophilia, you must comply or face censure. The elders know better. They should be trusted. They are our shepherds and willingly care for their flock. By day, they may wash windows. At night they are our protectors. They may not have money. They may not have education. They may not have material possessions. But they do have POWER. Don't let a window-washer ruin your life!

  • Francois

    In my experience, it was the educated and the wealthy or at lest the well-off that were always the elders anyway. I guess the feeling was that if you were sharp enough to get around the strictures of the JWs and make something of yourself, you had to have SOME smarts anyway.

    Take my uncle for example. My grandmother, the War Department, was determined that my uncle have a college education. He had developed rheumatic fever as a young boy and my grandmother insisted that this meant that he needed an education since he would be unable, physically, to perform a lifetime of manual labor in order to support a family; cunning little old lady wasn't she? Well, he did receive a college education and a good one at that. He ended up being an organic research associate for a world-wide chemical company - - and an elder. Since my father was not a JW there was never any question that I would receive a college education. I did and I will be forever grateful. But most of the elders I ever knew were real estate agents, accountants, etc. who received their training prior to becoming JWs.

    There are those elders who did not have a post-secondary education and in my opinion these were the ones that were truly dangerous, very dangerous in fact to your future prospects in that these were the ones that couldn't abide anyone having anything on them. And a B.S. degree certainly fell into that category.

    Absolutely the best thing that a young man or woman could do, then and now, is to avoid the JWs like the plague upon humanity that they certainly are. Their prophecies are a failure, their organization staggers, falters and soon will be either gone or so changed that no one will recognize them. I wonder often if the elders will one day say, "we received new light from Jehovah that we were to make our religion resemble the Methodist Church so fully that you can't tell the difference."

    Who knows. But minimus does make a good point. Why should a window washer, someone who couldn't adjust the pilot light on your water heater, be allowed to come over at will absent an appointment or a "by your leave" so as to adjust your thinking?

    They are a dangerous bunch. Don't play with those guys; there's something wrong with 'em.


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  • Gizmo

    Where else in the world other than a KH could a window washer yield such Power? It is true many uneducated men have become elders, however that's not always the case.

    The ones that do have an education, can be even more dangerous than the ones that don't, or cannot express themselves as well, those that do have an education are often more manipulative, and often lord their education over those that don't have one.

    During my time inside I noticed many different levels of education amongst elders, from those barely being able to read, to University graduates.

    According to the selection criteria, education has little to do with one qualifying to becoming an elder, however those that are educated, ultimately gain the greater respect and power.

    I'm just glad I don't have to listen to their crap anymore. Or anyone elses if I choose not to listen.

    Having said that, I do know of 1 really great Elder, very meek and humble man, can hardly read or write actually, due to migrating to a foreign country at a late age. He wouldn't hurt a fly, he's quite old now, and I sometimes see him sitting on a street bench, near a shopping strip, with The Awake and Watchtower magazines in hand, for anyone that wants them. That's his brand of witnessing, that's all he can do.

    I feel sorry for him, because of what I have learnt of the borg, however, in his case I guess ignorance is bliss, he always seems happy, so I think that's great for him.

  • minimus

    I know some educated elders and they are generally more reasonable and understanding than the rest of the rabid bunch. Most of the newer Presiding Overseers seem to have better education and people skills.....I, too, know of a man who is not an elder, but is unable to read and write. he has a heart of gold. He is a very good man, in spite of being a Witness.

  • gumby

    By day, they may wash windows. At night they are our protectors. They may not have money. They may not have education. They may not have material possessions. But they do have POWER. Don't let a window-washer ruin your life!

    Actually min in my last congregation there were only two elders that were night janitors. Most had buisnesses or worked like everyone else. Most had money too. I think too much is made about most witnesses having lower class lives. In all honesty from my 40 years in, I see their lifestyles much the same as other church goers and your average joe.

    I agree that there are literally thousands who could have done better were it not for the anti-education policies that have been taught and had a better class of living, but I feel the dubs are put in a much lower light the what reality actually shows.Many didn't/don't follow the policies and work for the big bucks to have the nicer things in life like everyone else.

    All of what is said here is based a lot on the time frame we are discussing in dub history too. There are generations that followed policy much more than others.



  • HoChiMin


    First I must state there is nothing wrong with window washers, I have been doing it for years. I just love looking in at people to see their smiling faces because they are getting a clean look at the world outside. There is a lot of shit that can build up on a window to block one's vision. It depends on what direction the glass faces the weather or other contaminants that can stick to the vertical surface of the glass. Yes that silica laden substance needs a lot of tender care and rubbing sometimes and I'm up for the job. Then I go and administer over lives and spread lies, although unknowingly, to members of my JW congregation.


  • Introspection

    We might distinguish between being taught and being trained, and what I'm getting at is whether you are actually thinking yourself or just being conditioned. Of course, even if you think a lot that can be a type of conditioning too, but the point is are you free or are you a product of your conditioning?

    Both JWs and non-JWs can be conditioned regardless of their level of education, and in that case you might just say it's a matter of luck. If you look at this from the perspective of being free, though, neither is better than the other. You might not care that you are conditioned to live a more normal life instead of the JWs, but the fact is you wouldn't be free. Most people seem to think re-conditioning themselves is the way out, but there is an alternative of going even deeper. I say it doesn't matter who or what you think is the cause, just don't let your conditioning ruin your life.

  • minimus

    Only 2 window washing elders, huh? We can change from window washer to cleaner, real estate agent, factory worker, accountant,etc.....Ho Chi Min....I know about how you wash windows. You only like them squeaky clean.

  • mouthy

    Has anyone ever heared George Formby's" When I'm Cleaning Windows?" It is an eye opener to me why so many dubs become window cleaners>>>>( cos they can see what he has seen )

  • minimus

    does anybody have an extra squeegee?

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