Were u robbed of your childhood too?

by gydja 18 Replies latest jw experiences

  • fulano

    Yes me too.

    Not allowed to go on school-trips

    No birthday, no jeans, short haircut during the hippy-period, had to offer magazines in neighbourhood...grrrrrr


    Do you know that dutch missionary in Iceland?

  • gydja

    Hi Fulano!

    No...please tell me. What dutch missionary?

  • JamesThomas
  • freedom96

    Yes, too much of it revolved around witness activities. Sadly, most of my memories come from those. I am grateful for the life I now have, and it is my choice not to allow what happened back then to control my life now.

    I do wonder though, how my life would have been different had I been allowed to date during high school, to celebrate holidays, to participate in school sports, to have a larger range of friends.

  • Warrigal

    Welcome Gydja; As you can see, many of us lost our childhood to the org. 5 meetings a week, field service on Saturday morning, personal WT study Saturday afternoon, field service on Sunday morning, Public talk and WT study Sunday afternoon. Then Monday it was back to school again.

    No time to enjoy childhood or its adventures. Just slave for the WTBTS.

    Warrigal.....who is enjoying her childhood now!

  • kwijibo

    I get angry inside everytime i think of what i could have done with my first forty years if it wasn't for my jw upbringing - the places i could have gone to, the things i could have done, the friends i could have made, the birthdays & xmas's i could have had with friends.

    It all just leaves me extremely lonely and pissed off.

    If there was only a way to start over.


  • fulano

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    Hi Fulano!

    No...please tell me. What dutch missionary?

    There's only one, I met him once, maybe he left too.

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  • aarque

    It's really tough being raised as a JW. Even with birthdays and Christmas aside, it was just the constant pressure of trying to live up to an ideal that could never be attained. No matter how hard I tried, it was never good enough. It wasn't so much my Mom (Dad is an unbeliever) as it was the CO who never had kids of his own and gave us (myself and four siblings) a real tough time. I remember being 7-8 years old and worried about not making my quota of 10 hours a month in FS...being terrified of thunderstorms because I thought it was Armageddon...no kid should have to worry about stuff like that. Between school and homework, book studies, ministry school, field service, public talks and watchtower studies that had to be prepared, along with home Bible study, there wasn't much time to be just a normal kid. My teen years, for the most part, are a blank.

    I'm turning 50 this summer...and when I look back, I just feel sad for that little kid...

  • Francois

    Only parts of it. Not too bad. One foot in, one foot out.


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