…Is Jehovah Actively Exposing The Wicked Watchtower Society In The Child Abuse Cases? (Ezekiel 36:12)

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  • megaboy

    I think alot of things are becoming exposed mainly due to the existence of the internet. Youtube and phone cameras can catch a lot of things now. In the past the large majority of the population was at the mercy of dominate sources of news and makes it easy to be manipulated by propaganda.

    The exposure is hurting them, and its up to an individual to reason this is divine. Considering it is happening very rapidly I would say so (as I believe in a Master of all things in function).

    However it seems that while they are very stupid spiritually not unlike other demonations and factions they are definitely businessman and are skilled at putting a spiritual twist on business moves to manipulate the more gullible. They quickly started using their finainces and doctrines to slow down the effects of their exposure and it destroying them.

    I would say its mostly about the money to the heads, but it seems odd that they simply don’t just take the money they have and run to leave their org in shambles. Not sure how its worth it to keep going like they are, having to twist doctrines to cover for business moves to maintain their survival must be taxing to a degree. The situation may only get worse for them and they’ll get into a corner they can’t escape from. They may be stubborn too.

  • Vidiot
    megaboy - "...but it seems odd that they simply don’t just take the money they have and run to leave their org in shambles..."

    That would be too tacit an admission - to themselves - that it's all over, and they fully expect the WTS to - for all intents and purposes - rule the world in the "New System".

    Remember, they may subconciously know it's wrong, but all available anecdotal evidence indicates that they believe it's true at the same time...

    ...In fact, I think that their lawyers have informed them that they are - for all intents and purposes - losing the legal war (and are thus poised to lose their tax-exemption before too long, at least in some parts of the world), so they're trying to passive-agressively provoke "Satan's World" into "persecuting" them, and hoping/expecting J-God will sweep in at the last minute and bail them out with the Big A.

    Conveniently forgetting, of course, that according to their own eschatology, "Babylon the Great" is supposed to be attacked first.


    Maybe, on some level, they realize that they may as well be "Babylon the Great".


  • Vidiot
    megaboy - "...they’ll get into a corner they can’t escape from."

    Pretty sure that's already happening.

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