looking after dying jw

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  • avengers
    Tell him Jesus loves him.

    Nice way to love someone is to let him suffer and die alone. If I loved someone in that way they would not appreciate me, would they? This crap about jesus loves him is exactly what it is. Crap.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    debz. Im sure thats the way he would have wanted it. No mourning for him, just press on regardless in the fight of good over evil on the doors. lol.

  • Debz
    Im sure thats the way he would have wanted it

    Guess we`ll never know Refiner - no-one bothered to ask HIM if he wanted to die alone I guess....

  • Tatiana

    A Paduan.....he knows YOU are there. And that should give him some comfort. What you've said does not surprise me at all.

    My daughter is a CNA right now, working while she studies for Radiology. She comes home each night telling me stories like this one. Elderly people left to die. Several of her regular patients have passed away. She gets attached to them. You'd think that the one religion that claims to have cornered the market on LOVE, would treat their "brother"better. Or at least worry about how it will "look"........

    You have a good heart. Something that disappears after so many years of brainwashing. Glad you kept it.



  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Well, he died. His immediate family called in the night before and asked us how he was doing - and that's it - I assume that must have been the love they talk about.

    Other nursing staff, who didn't know of jws before, questioned at handover - about friends or family not coming to him.

    I took the opportunity to "witness" - and told them that it's how jws are - the worst of the worst.

    Hope your reading lurkers - that "witness" will go a long way - consider it a prophecy - all palliative and critical care in the local hospital region should soon know well about jwism.


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  • Prisca

    How sad

  • Farkel


    : I thought 'none of my colleagues are jws or even religious, but they are the ones here. I'll post again tomorrow, he may not be alive I suppose - but I can say that I haven't seen family about, let alone any "brothers/sisters" about to feed or console - I just see a scared and alone person - and thank goodness we're not all jws.

    The fact that he died alone without a SINGLE member of his family OR congregation at his side speaks volumes about the evils of the JW religion. They are selfish, materialistic and only care about saving their own butts from their vengeful and cruel God. They have no value for life, because they think their God will fix everything, sooner or later. Whatever. But they don't have to live like normal humans because of that idiocy. They have no value for doing anything good in this life because they think their God will fix everything. They just sell Watchtower books and wait for God to fix everything.

    In short, they are lazy bastards without any compassion, caring, hearts, or even basic human emotions who are convinced that selling Watchtower books will solve everything including the cold-blooded emotions they've developed towards their own and even their own who are dying and dead.

    Disgusted CLASS

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