What a bad world we would live in if.....

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  • JH

    What a bad world we would live in, If everbody was a JW, and would shun you for taking blood, for missing meetings, for becoming inactive, for marrying a person not spiritual enough, and so on so forth.

    Luckily there is only 1/1000 worldwide.

    How would you picture this world if everybody was a JW?

  • Realist

    deadly boring....these retarded meetings alone would kill me!!!!

  • Erich

    Cease to see the world only with eyes of a disappointed JW.

    The world is indeed bad enough.


  • HoChiMin

    If all were JW's who would be killed by their god? I guess it would be the weak ones, after all the birds need to be fed.


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  • cruzanheart

    I'm afraid the world would be a lot like Afghanistan under the Taliban. Remember when the Taliban eradicated all of the ancient stone statues of Buddha? When that happened, I remember thinking that this is exactly what the Witnesses are looking forward to: a world under their rules, with no art work unless it is "approved," no self-expression or spontenaity, and NO FUN! Unless it's been approved by a committee of three and submitted to headquarters.


  • SYN

    If all the world was Dub, we'd all be DISFELLOWSHIPPED. LOL.

  • Matty

    But every window in the world would be clean, so it wouldn't be all bad.

  • BluesBrother

    Isnt that what they all want to see in the "New World"?

    No crime,no T V unless they produce it , no dissent to the central view, no fun unless your idea of fun is to do what they want to do . No decent music - No thanks.

  • Tatiana

    THAT would be what the Bible talks about when it speaks of Hell. A "new" world with only JWS???? Give me the "burning Catholic hell" anyday!!!!!

  • AjaxMan

    If everybody were JW, hmmm???

    that's a scary thought.

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