I JUST FOUND out that my husband was in one of the Dramas at the RC

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  • PaintedToeNail

    Hi all. I just learned that my husband was in one of the dramas at this year's RC. I have no idea which one. The way that I found out is: while looking for a confirmation email for a plane trip we are making, I opened his account. He never actually checks it. The were over 540 new emails and almost that much spam. Anyway, as a I selected and deleted them, keeping the ones with any info that maybe important later, I stumbled across two that were for those in the drama to come to a dress rehearsal earlier this summer. Neither had been opened by him. I was really surprised. He said absolutely nothing to me about it. I wouldn't have gone if he had anyway. Can anyone tell we have a very superficial relationship these days?

    When I was 'in', I would've LOVED to be in a drama. Of course, they don't want you if you aren't a high hour publisher or above that pay grade.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    Wow, I thought it was sneaky to be posting here.

    How could he get away with being in an RC drama and you didn't know? He must come home dressed like an Arab pretty frequently.

    LOL sorry, I just had to. I picture him coming through the door looking like Aladdin, and you're like "where have you been?" and he's like "What? At the office, duh!" Then he sees his reflection in the mirror and realizes he forgot to take his costume off and he cringes...

  • Saintbertholdt
    He must come home dressed like an Arab pretty frequently.

    Ah hahahahahahahaha, my sides.

  • username
    In that case he may not have made it home. The west tend to look suspiciously at Arabs. 😉
  • PaintedToeNail

    No, no Arab outfit. That could've been fun for a little roll playing here at home...he either ditched the outfit and hid it before he got home or was a regular Joe, who just took his tie off to play a modern day person.

  • sir82

    There was no "live" drama at the RCs this year, everything was done on video.

    Maybe the e-mail was from over a year ago?

    Just because he got the e-mail doesn't necessarily mean he was in the drama. Maybe he was a backup, or involved in some technical aspect, or maybe he was even added to the drama mailing list in error. It seems really odd that he'd be a player in the drama and not even bother to open e-mails related to it.

  • PaintedToeNail

    sir82, okay, so what were they rehearsing in costume at the KH that he needed to be there for, unless it was a drama of some kind...the plot thickens. He hates using email and hasn't opened it for months. He hates all types of technology actually, very old fashioned person. The email was definitely from this year.

  • DesirousOfChange

    okay, so what were they rehearsing in costume at the KH that he needed to be there for,

    For the Dist/Reg Conv they would rehearse any and everything unless it is being given by a High-Up Bethel/bOrg Rep (DO, CO, Bethelite), which would include the interviews, demonstrations, etc. Most likely your hubby might have been in one of those. As mentioned, the dress-up drama was done by streaming video to all RegConv sites as were many other interviews/demos.

    If he's a MS, he could have been involved in the "Sound Dept" and attended rehearsals for that purpose.


  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    All live dramas are gone-wipeout-forever. Everything is video. Even the paradise earth will be video!

  • millie210

    Painted, I love your carefree approach to this!

    I would be freakin livid if something like that was kept from me...although, after reading the rest of the posts it doesnt sound like it was a drama of the type we are used to (where he would have come home as an Arab LOL) so I am guessing it is some kind of sound check rehearsal or such.

    Did/does he work in a dept.?

    Still lovin your laid back "tude" about it though!

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