What do the children think?

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    What do the children think?

    What doe the Supreme court think? In this following case, the WT got away:


    "Moreover, the complaint does not allege that the church affirmatively placed Baker in a position of control and supervision of children, such as a Sunday school teacher or youth coordinator, or that the church knowingly placed Baker in a position where he could sexually abuse children within a church setting."

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    Lady Lee


    What an awesome mother you are. In the face of all the WT insanity you protected your children. That is the most powerful lesson - that they are worth being protected at all costs instead of abused and ignored.

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    The big piece in healing from abuse is the support from the parents and is believed that it happen. The child knows he or she is safe and protected. I am proud of you for standing up for your child.

    Fortunately I am thankful having been pushed out of the org. for exposing domestic violence. I am DA'ed. My two daughters were sexually abused by their father and two step -sons. After the fact. We had no involvement with jw's. with the abuse allegations. Their father at the time was disfellowshipped for being involved with another woman (jw).

    I reported the abuses to Child Protection their report went to the police.The police turned the case over to the County Attorney. the County Attorney pressed charges against their father and step-sons.

    What came out of the hearing was their was no contact with the step-sons. And their father contact was by phone or letters. He was to re-established contact with the Girls through the county social services. He chose not to establish visitations. Says a whole alot of his christian character as a father!!!

    In the 1990's I was involved with 40 other women on video project on "Healing from Rape" with alot of internal workings and support from other women I chose to name jw org. on video and stated" THE JW ORG. IS A SAFE HAVEN FOR PERPETRATORS AND TO USE THE ORG. AS A FRONT TO EXPLOIT OTHERS FOR THEIR GAIN'".

    This project was used in different rape and domestic violence centers around the country. My hope was to be of help to another jw in similar circumstances and they were'nt alone.

    For the last 6 months is important for me to talk about abuses to take the raw edges of shame and pain. Change does'nt come around by not talking about abuse and its effects that has on all of us.

    I am proud to be standing next to you Blliss. All the Best, Crow Woman


    Oldcrowwoman...............the pleasure is all mine. I have been so greatful for meeting such caring people on this forum. In the borg everyone who claimed to be my sist. or bro. and swore they loved me, didn't want to know about the sexual abuse. They preferred to bury their heads in the sand. They abandoned me and my family. I'm happy to know you and all the other fighters here. I'm happy to call people here my friends and I thank you all for the support. There is nothing that makes you feel more like crap, than being ignored, but here, our experiences, fears, pains and rights.............are honoured and respected.

    I look forward to more threads from you and chats.


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