Armageddon started...

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  • mikeflood

    Happening right now, US, GB and France are bombing Syria. Last Thursday CIA director said: "A handful of weeks ago, the Russians met their match. A couple of hundred were killed". The US ambassador to the UN said: Russia "will never be our friend, the US will slap them when we need to". The Russian ambassador to the US said a moment ago that "there are gonna be consequences". So maybe the Russians are really weak.

  • Bobcat
    So maybe the Russians are really weak.

    Not militarily, especially in a regional setting. If the US and Russia get to shooting at one another, regardless of who comes out ahead (if anyone), the US will get its nose bloodied. And that in itself may be very shocking to the US. The Russians are quite capable of doing that.

    I wonder how the US public would deal with the sudden news of a sunken carrier or some other surface ships and maybe several thousand dead and wounded sailors from a single engagement? It would be a stunning blow to the public's perception of the US as the lone superpower.

    Now whether Putin is willing to cross that line remains to be seen. I personally think he has reached the point, mentally, to take that step. And if he does, I think China will turn out to be a big ally for him. China could prevent the US from being able to concentrate forces in the Middle East by making threatening moves in the Pacific.

    I don't see the US coming out ahead in this unless Putin simply backs off and lets the US have its way. But I just don't see that happening. Putin and the Russians are getting fed up with the US. It is a very volatile situation.

  • smiddy3

    Russia threatens to shutdown missiles sent to Syria and destroy their launchpads

    Except that the missiles launched are not from launch pads they are from warplanes ?

    So the next question is what will Russia do now shoot down the planes ? of either France, England or America ?

    Interesting times ahead but not validating any J.W prophecy`s in any shape or form.

  • atomant
    lts interesting to note how many chatters are quick to point out that the current events have nothing to do with bible prophecy.Just saying.
  • smiddy3

    Wishing that current world events are fulfilling Bible prophecy doesn`t make it so, either.

    Just saying

  • Crazyguy

    Russia doesn’t stand a chance against the US unless Nukes are involved. I’m thinking trump maybe wanting to push the issue to get Putin to back down.

  • smiddy3

    In the meantime China is just sitting on the sidelines thinking ,this is great, these two USA and Russia going hammer and tongs with each other ,when it`s all done and dusted we will just step in as the leading Superpower of the New World.

  • freddo

    US Navy is unbeatable - it has about twenty times what any other Navy has in carriers alone. If one of them were sunk by a Russian submarine that got through the defences - unlikely - look what they'd have in reserve.

    I mean - 10 - yes that's 10 Nimitz class carriers at over 100,000 tons each and another 9 of other types of carrier.

    All the following carriers do not exceed 70,000 tons ...

    What has Russia got?

    1 carrier that has gone back for a refit after a history of breakdowns and arrestor-wire problems.


    1 - maybe ready soon.


    1 Carrier


    1 built - waiting for planes - and 1 on the way.

    The rest of the world?

    All relatively small old Cold war era built stuff or even WW2 hand me downs!

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