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  • dozy

    Ask her how many get disfellowshipped or reproved every day. There aren't any official figures published, but it is estimated about 70,000 a year get DFd every year ( 190 a day ) and as we know , many more are publicly or privately reproved.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    You can recite figures til you're blue in the face and some JWs will still not comprehend. When I pointed these things out, a JW replied to me, 'Well thousands are baptized every week. It's better to think of it by the week'. Seriously. That's the mentality or lack of it we're up against.

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    P. T. Barnum's phrase comes to mind: "there's one born every minute" (I include myself as a former gullable fool)

    Very interesting true story behind the phrase, which you can read about here:

  • tiki

    How about statistics regarding how many daily wise up and get out!??

  • Pistoff

    If that number is right, then their growth rate is slowing faster than I thought.

    The average crude death rate is 8.33 per thousand, 833 per 100,000 per year, about 66,640 per year for their claimed 8 million, or 182 per day.

    Subtract those who fade or are df'd, I wonder what their real rate growth rate is.

    I actually think they are shrinking.

    How many new builds have you hear of, but how many consolidations?

    More consolidations around here than builds.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Wish we could get some inside information on the true current statistics

  • pale.emperor

    The one's that (try to) debate me on Quora claim that they're "the fastest growing religion on the planet". I ask for evidence and stats but they never come back.

    According to google, Islam is the fastest growing religion.

    And more people are abandoning religion or are atheist.

  • joe134cd

    Neat blue dog = that’s a better response than I get. My fathers reply is “ it isn’t on jw.borg so I don’t believe it.” It’s pretty hard to get past that type of reasoning. In fact I’ve given up. I guess he’s happy there so let him be.

  • StarryNight9

    Most of the ones I've seen baptized are preteens or teens of JW families. If they don't get dunked by age 13, a pioneer or "spiritual" family w/kids attaches to them. I've seen these people basically take over the child's every free moment (taking them out in service every day, on trips, sleepovers etc...). The pressure is dialed up from all sides without them realizing what's happening (kids are little naive). After getting dunked - their new "best friends" float away to their next conversion project. Even die-hard JWs seems to realize that the best hope they have to retain kids is child-baptism before age 17. Of course, no die-hard JW would ever openly admit this.

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