Malicious Content on Web Servers

by TD 14 Replies latest forum suggestions

  • zeb

    I had a call from "Microsoft" (not) with all sorts of blather but said I had to call 1800 874 934. I googled this number and found its a call centre some where that's up to monkey business.

  • Listener

    I've got to admit, they are even more annoying than JWs knocking on doors.

  • smiddy

    We have noticed that their is a delay when picking up the phone and answering it then a person speaks with a heavy accent that is when we put the phone down.

  • TD

    So that Chrome users don't feel left out. --Chrome does not update in this fashion, so clicking the "Download Now" button would be a bad idea

  • nonjwspouse

    Thank you TD, I was ignorant of these ploys/scams. I have usually been fairly astute in recognizing these things. I must be slipping, or they are getting better, or both!

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