Any other religions match the JW's on these items....?

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  • EndofMysteries

    Since many things have changed, new religions, and religions changing doctrine, etc, for everytime a JW says nobody except jws, 1. Refuse to go to war. 2. refuse to be in politics 3. preach about God's kingdom. 4. don't allow sin (dfing for fornication, etc).

    I know most religions have their own formula for what they do and don't do, but wondering on those specific items how many if any do those? Would be nice to answer, actually, x and x religion also do that.

    I know can point out things they don't do that others do but curious if any list has been established or any offhand that match them on the proofs they usually use to say they are the true religion, etc.

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Maybe Amish or Mennonites Not sure bout the gods kingdom part though.
  • Finkelstein

    1. Refuse to go to war. 2. refuse to be in politics 3. preach about God's kingdom. 4. don't allow sin (dfing for fornication, etc).

    Of course there other religions that espouse these same actions, its just that most JWS are poorly educated or afraid to investigate other religions, they all false and evil inspired by Satan the Devil you know.

  • EndofMysteries
    So far seems 7th day adventists and of course 'the bible students' who broke off in rutherfords time are the closest I've seen.
  • vinman

    Restoration Fellowship is not quite a full blown church. Mostly internet. But their are many similarities, minus the disfellowshipping. Matt. 24:14 is his theme scripture for his radio broadcast.

  • vinman

    Restoration Fellowship is quite similar, minus the disfellowshipping. Not really a full blown church. Mostly internet. Matt 24:14 is his theme scripture for his radio program.

  • FayeDunaway

    1. There have been many many religious conscientious objectors over the course of history. I believe the Quakers are the strongest anti military religion, but even there, if someone chose to go to war im sure they don't disfellowship. In my current church, there are people who have been in the military and people whose sons are in the military, and there are also many people who would NEVER support war and definitely not fight in one. The thing is, most churches allow a persons conscience to make this decision, but do not punish people for going with their own conscience. The same goes for number 4., generally,actually as well. The church is there to guide people, not condemn. Their sin is between them and God,for the most part.

    2. Refuse to get involved with politics....personally I think this is stupid. I think it's good for the church as a whole not to get involved with politics, but for individual members, I believe politics is very important. For any church to ban its members from being political is taking away a huge freedom that should be a human right. I wonder if witnesses voted in Germany in the 30's, would Hitler have ever won that election? 3. Churches talk about the kingdom all the time, but usually its with the application 'let your will take place'... We know gods will is that we take care of the weak and poor. Most churches try to help spread Gods kingdom now, by helping make the world a better place.

  • barry

    The SDA church recommends its members they should serve their country in time of war as non combatants although some members do go into frontline service as combatants. SDAs have chaplains in the military Barry Black was a rear Admiral and was head of the chaplains in the US navvy. Barry Black then became head of chaplains in the US senate.

    Some SDAs don't get involved in politics except in a referendum. Many SDAs do vote. The American Neurosurgeon Ben Carsons is an SDA and is running for president of the US this year.

    There is no definite position among SDAs with these two questions.

    All christians talk about Gods kingdom

    All christians guard against fornication and sins which put them in a position of rebellion against God.

    SDAs don't disfellowship call people apostates they simply DROP names from membership so as not to infer negativeness.

    I was an SDA but am now an Anglican

  • smiddy

    Have a look at the Christadelphians , the Assembly of God ,the Quakers ,the Mennonites ,Seventh day Adventists ,the Salvation Army, and heaps more fundamentalists religions have some if not all aspects of what you state.

    It`s like Jehovah`s Witnesses saying they are the only Christian religion who use Gods name Jehovah ,what hogwash , the Catholic Spanish monk Raymundus Martinus first coined the word Jehovah inserting vowels into the latinized translation of the tetragramaton , mistranslated as JHVH instead of the more correct consonants YHWH .And that was in the 13th Century .Their are heaps of Bible commentarys religious articles , hymns and prayers and Bibles that use the name Jehovah or Yahweh in both Catholic and protestant literature for the past 600 years . The WTB&TS prey on the ignorance of their members in discouraging higher education from them.


  • jhine

    Ditto what Faye said .

    Barry , good points about the SDA , though I'm not sure what that is exactly !

    Smiddy , yes , I go to a traditional evening service and we often sing hymns that contain the word Jehovah .


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