Is North Korea getting out of hand?

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  • rem

    I'm not sure how authoratative this data is:

    How much aid does the United States give? Less than 1 percent of the U.S. budget goes to foreign aid. President Bushs 2003 budget proposes about $11.4 billion in economic assistance and about $4.3 billion for peacekeeping operations and to finance, train, and educate foreign armed forces.
    How do U.S. aid levels compare with those of other countries? The U.S. foreign-aid budget as a percentage of gross national product (GNP) ranks last among the worlds wealthiest countries (at about 0.1 percent). In raw dollars, however, the United States is now the worlds top donor of economic aid, although for more than a decade it was second to Japan, which is far smaller and has been beset by economic woes. In 2001, the United States gave $10.9 billion, Japan $9.7 billion, Germany $4.9 billion, the United Kingdom $4.7 billion, and France $4.3 billion. As a percentage of GNP, however, the top donors were Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Sweden. The tiny Netherlands (pop. 5.3 million) gave $3.2 billion in 2001almost a third of what America contributed.

    Official Development Assistance (ODA) for 1999 and 2000

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    ODA in U.S. Dollars
    ODA as Percentage
    of GNP

    1. Denmark1,7331,6641,5991.011.061.01
    2. Norway1,3701,2641,3460.910.80.83
    3. Netherlands3,1343,0753,1550.790.820.82
    4. Luxembourg1191161420.660.70.8
    5. Sweden1,6301,8131,5760.70.810.76
    6. Belgium7608128660.30.360.37
    7. Switzerland9698889080.350.340.34
    8. France5,6374,2214,2930.390.330.34
    9. Ireland2452392850.310.30.33
    10. Finland4163713890.330.310.33
    11. United Kingdom3,4014,4584,6590.230.310.32
    12. Spain1,3631,3211,7480.230.240.3
    13. Germany5,5155,0344,8790.260.270.27
    14. Portugal2762612670.260.260.25
    15. New Zealand1341161110.270.260.25
    16. Austria5274614570.260.250.25
    17. Australia9829958520.260.270.25
    18. Japan15,32313,0629,6780.350.270.23
    19. Canada1,6991,7221,5720.280.250.23
    20. Greece1942161940.150.190.19
    21. Italy1,8061,3681,4930.150.130.14
    22. United States9,1459,58110,8840.10.10.11

    Note: The U.N. ODA target set is 0.7 percent of GNP. Most nations do not meet that target.


  • Realist

    thank you ram...great post

  • ThiChi



    unfortunately you provide very litte (actually no) evidence but pointlessly insult other nations. ""

    Your innuendos diminish your points (what little you have). I have seen already how you insult without first even doing the research. Stop blowing smoke. All the facts are there. I invite all to review my posts and Realists' comments. Let the readers decide!

    You spout only generalities, with nothing to back them up. Facts are terrible things to waste. If names and dates arnt enough, I cant help you. You are an appeaser.

    Thank god people like you dont prevail much. If Hitler would have won, you would be a lamp shade or talking German in a slave camp somewhere.

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  • Crazy151drinker

    There is an article in the newest issue of TIME about N. Korea and one guy says that the North will do an Atomic test before/during the next Iraq war. I believe the term "There goes the Neighborhood" is quite applicable. The article then suggests that this would lead to Japan developing a Nuclear program. Great. There goes Asia. China needs to step in BIG TIME.

    Here, once again, we have a perfect example of why NOT ALL COUNTRIES SHOULD HAVE NUKES. China has them, but do you see China launching missles over Japan???? Nut Job countries should not have Big Boy Toys.

  • Xander

    China has them, but do you see China launching missles over Japan

    Actually, no, China has restrained themselves to launching missiles over TAIWAN. That's....errrr.....just as bad.

    Better you see N.K. launching missiles over ANYONE? No. And let's not even discuss how many countries the US feels it has the right to shoot missiles over. So, by your logic.....

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  • Crazy151drinker


    Well, technically Taiwan is still part of China....whatever, thats another basket of worms.

    Who have we lauched missles at??? We launch them when we are ATTACKING people but we dont seem to be launching any ICBMs past China to shake them up..........(maybe we should????)

    Hmmmm maybe we should launch one past France......

  • Xander

    we dont seem to be launching any ICBMs past China to shake them up

    Really? What do you think the early space race was all about? An ICBM isn't much more than an orbiter designed to come down over someone ELSE's country.

    Or, is it a coincedence, you think, that the ATLAS ICBM was the rocket used to boost the Mercury capsules into orbit? The Mercury capsule, weighing as much as a nuclear warhead? That orbitted over the Soviet Union?

  • Realist


    how exactly did i insult you? without facts???

    first of your claims:

    Every place the US has left (like Iran), the rulers are worse than the people we were dealing with.

    i am was and still is a wrong statment. there are many examples that disprove what you said...and IRAN is a prime example of that.

    i am still not sure what you tried to achieve with posting the rulers of does this invalidate the fact that the US removed the only good leader this country ever had?

    I only wish the French was part of our coalition, someone must show the Iraqis how to surrender

    and now tell me how this is an intelligent statment? this is on quite a primitive level.

    Because there was never a Palestine national government or State. They were called the Greater Syrian Arabs before 1945 are missing the point with this statment. there is a million people living under jewish rulership against their will. that they didn't have an independent state before doesn't change anything about the unjust current situation.

    However, the Jews have History and archaeology that are witnesses to the a claim for the last 3,000 years

    sorry this is wrong. noone claims that the territory which is israel today was inhabited mainly by jews over the last 2000 years.

    Our record of giving $$ is unmatched.

    HUH? did you see the statistics rem posted?

  • ThiChi


    "unfortunately you provide very litte (actually no) evidence but pointlessly insult other nations"

    I do not pointlessly insult nations. No foundation for your negative remarks.

    If you feel that the current government (Dictatorship) in Iran is better now than under the Shaw?Starting in the 1960s and continuing into the 1970s, the Iranian government, at the shah's initiative, undertook a broad program designed to improve economic and social conditions. Land reform was a major priority. In an effort to transform the feudal peasant-landlord agricultural system, the government purchased estates and sold the land to the people; it also distributed large tracts of crown land. In the Jan., 1963, referendum, the voters overwhelmingly approved the shah's extensive plan for further land redistribution, compulsory education, and a system of profit sharing in industry; the program was financed by the selling of government-owned factories to private investors. Within three years, 1.5 million former tenant farmers were plot owners.

    Then you are truly blind or have done little research. If you want to discuss Irans history in relationship to its rulers, bring it on. I provided a list. You cant and won't. All you could do is name a Mad man/puppet of the USSR. (In 1951, the National Front movement, headed by Premier Mussadege, a militant nationalist, forced the parliament to nationalize the oil industry and form the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).)) . Facts? hah!

    You want History?

    Wow, killings, running out other races, invading a lot better than the US! Need I go on?

    . The Safavid dynasty (1502-1736), founded by Shah Ismail , restored internal order in Iran and established the Shiite sect of Islam as the state religion; it reached its height during the reign (1587-1629) of Shah Abbas I (Abbas the Great). He drove out the Portuguese, who had established colonies on the Persian Gulf early in the 16th cent.

    the Afshar dynasty. He invaded India in 1738 and brought back fabulous wealth, including the legendary Peacock Throne and the Koh-i-noor diamond. Nadir Shah, a despotic ruler, was assassinated in 1747. The Afshar dynasty was followed by the Zand dynasty (1750-94), founded by Karim Khan, who established his capital at Shiraz and adorned that city with many fine buildings. His rule brought a period of peace and renewed prosperity. However, the country was soon again in turmoil, which lasted until the advent of Aga Muhammad Khan.

    As to the US aid, the report is very narrow and does not address all that the US has given since WWII. The Marshall Plan is unmatched as to the resources the US has given in infrastructure and commerce. There is no accounting of the private foundations and charities that are from the US. God, at least be accurate. NATO, the US spends billions as compared to about 300 million that all other Nation members contribute.

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  • ThiChi

    " there is a million people living under jewish rulership against their will."

    Again not true history and a very false statement. When Israel was reinstated to its rightful place, citizenship was given to inhabitants. Do you know how many inhabitants existed when Israel became a state? Do the research. It was not one million. Where did all the people come from today? It is not hard to figure out.

    The Palestinain Liberation Organization was founded in 1964. In 1970, the PLO was driven out of Jordon to Lebanon after Black September when King Hussain used his military to attack Palestinian refugee camps, killing thousands, and occuping the camps--Palestinians are second class citizens through the dispora.

    Wake up! Wow, here is your million people!

    Why be a stooge for these people?

    879BCE was Isreal's frist king. Yes, 3000 years if you add the time of the Judges.

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