There Were TWO Child Molesters Hiding In My Old Congregation

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  • pale.emperor

    Scumbag 1 is dead. His wife is telling people it was a heart attack. Don't know how she's going to explain why his funeral won't be in a Kingdom Hall!

  • freddo

    Maybe a handful of anonymous letters to a choice few of the local cong outlining the true facts might be helpful PE?

  • rebel8

    Good for the son for reporting this!! I hope he has the needed support through this.

  • stuckinarut2

    Where was the "Holy Spirit" during all those years of abuse?

  • WingCommander

    Think that's bad? I grew up around a very respected, well-known member of the 144,000. Elder. Family man. (sons & daughters) Always busy. Shit job. Child molester. Wait, whaaaaaaat? Raped/molested his sisters growing up. Molested his oldest son (that I know of), who then proceeded to molest all his siblings. Oldest son developed a kiddie porn habit. Left a girlfriends newborn at an open window in March, baby almost died. Arrested for kiddie porn. Next time, was for sharing kiddie porn and bestiality pics over the internet. 25-life in the State Penn. Wife had left Anointed Elder Husband after discovered molestation issues, and was made out to be a Jezebel harlot. Kids all left this cult. And Anointed 144,000 Elder? He was given a slap to the wrist, relocated to another county and Congregation via WT HQ. Strolled into the new Congregation like a King Shit, since he's 144k of course. Head of the Pioneer hen-house gets in with him & marries him. (cause he's such a 144k catch!) He's probably an Elder again. All hush-hush. Family is torn apart, but at least they're out of this fucked up cult! I didn't find out the entire story of all this until I started looking online one day and by chance saw the oldest child on the local sex-offender list. Then I found the newspaper articles detailing his offenses. Then I found the wife/mother's Facebook page where she shared some of her story about her ex-Elder husband's abusive behaviour on some sort of ex-JW abuse board. Heard from a few others some of the rest. To say I was floored, would be an understatement. This cult is shameless, absolutely shameless in covering up abuse, victim-shaming the abused, and protecting the abusers all under the guise of, "not bringing reproach upon the Organization." It's all so sickening.

  • karter

    We have a guy who raped his sister hes now an elder. Karter

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Simon: The problem with this scenario, as it's actually played out, is that it makes "being a priest" a great opportunity for a pedophile.

    You are mixing apples with oranges here. Yes, people have talked to elders and priests in the past and the JWs or the Catholics (or other groups) have told their members to keep quiet. No one (priest, parents, victims, family, etc.) has notified the police trying to keep the sacredness of their respective religion. I am completely against that type of thing.

    What I do believe however, is the ability for someone to talk freely to a professional that may help in identifying a better course of action. In many states and countries, this applies to psychologists, lawyers and yes, priests. Considering that the guilty party would not confess without that legal protection, I believe it does make sense.

    To use an example that everyone may understand here: JW pride themselves that they are living in a spiritual paradise. An yet, many of them are violent with their family, alcoholics, addicted to porn, cheating on their taxes or their mate, stealing time at work, smoking, etc. JWs see all these things in the world and believe that they are shielded from these things simply because they don’t talk about it. They all sit in their KH and don’t realize all the bad things that each of them are hiding. They all have their own secrets and yet, no one knows, no one talks about it.

    How will you be aware of the abuse if both the victim and the abuser keep quiet? If I need to choose between an abuser that would confesses to a priest and absolute silence from both of the victim and the abuser, the choice is not hard to make.

    For instance, an abuser confesses. Later, the priest goes and asks some questions to the victim who ends up confiding in him. He then assists the victim to go see the police. He can do all this without ever braking the absolute secrecy of the confession he heard of the abuser. At least, in this scenario, something is done. Isn’t that better than absolute silence?

    However, in the context of a confession, This is true only if the penitents are instructed to contact the priest first and never contact the police. All I am saying is that the penitents should be instructed to call the police. That being said, a pedophile, instructed or not, is never going to go see the police and, unless he believes that his confession would not go anywhere, would never actually confess to what he did. That is why

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