The US case before the UN

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  • Yerusalyim

    After watching Powell today, I'm more convinced than ever. I think that those oppossed to the war will not be swayed at all, but I also think that most of those who were trully sitting on the fence will be convinced. Convinced of Saddam's violation of UN Resolution 1441, and convinced of Saddam's connection with Terrorism.

    What say you?

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  • email

    I agree... I mean he is already in violation of U.N. agreements... no one can argue that.... and he had MORE than enough time to dissarm and comply... so now the U.S. and its allies with the endorsement of the U.N. HAVE to enforce those agreements.

    I think it'll be even MORE clear in the next few days... I don't think the U.S. will publicly share with the world (except with those in the U.N. security council and behind closed doors) ALL the evidence they have... it'll be silly to do it. But we'll see... the next few days maybe weeks are crucial...

  • JH

    I watched about 10 minutes of the coverage on CNN, and I think that Powell is doing his best to show the world that Iraq is not making things easy for the inspectors. I know that Saddam has things to hide, as was stated by Powell.

    The war will start soon and the US will not be alone. Do you have any information what France is going to do. They are sending an aircraft carrier, subs, and destroyers to the region. Is that to help us or to confront?

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  • Elsewhere

    War on or before the 15th of Feb?

    Saddam dead, missing, or in exile by March 15th.

    What'cha think?

  • JH


    Now that Powell's speech is given, the next phase is war.

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  • Shutterbug

    Elswhere, "on or before" leaves you a whole lot of wiggle room. I'm saying Feb. 16th the air war will start at midnight. Course I didn't say which year or which war. Bug

  • Shakita

    For those who did not watch:

    Iraq defies the world community, and France and Russia wait for more details......

    just how much more damning information has to be "unearthed" before people can see that Saddam is in breach of the UN resolution and is playing the world's leaders as fools.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • dubla

    just how much more damning information has to be "unearthed" before people can see that Saddam is in breach of the UN resolution and is playing the world's leaders as fools.

    hey, there are quite a few posters on this forum that think saddam is so harmless he wouldnt hurt a flea, and that we shouldnt even be over there trying to see that he complies with the u.n. resolution, so go figure.


  • freeman

    Unfortunately using only a small fraction of our intelligence information, Mr. Powell has presented a very compelling case against the Butcher of Baghdad.

    Unfortunately the Butcher of Baghdad has very dangerous toys and may share these toys with others who would not even think twice about using them; we dont know for a certainty, but we cant take the risk.

    Unfortunately he says he has no dangerous toys anymore, and we know he is lying.

    Unfortunately the Butcher of Baghdad will not destroy or turn over his weapons for destruction and so he must be forced to disarm.

    Unfortunately it means we are very close to going to war.

    Most unfortunate.


  • hawkaw

    Rightly or wrongly ... the main battle will not start until ALL of the supplies and troops are in place. For some reason ... unknown to me ... they are not there yet. I think the Americans, British and other Countries wanted to give the troops their Christmas holidays. This has definitely put everything behind and the reason why this phase of the "battle" has not started.

    BTW if anyone has been paying attention we having been fighting with Iraq for sometime now .... they firing SAMs at the allied aircraft and the allies bombing the hell out of their radar sites. Also special forces are already in Iraq as well.

    I would not want to be anywhere near the middle east from about the 2 to 3rd week in February to the last week.

    Also keep your eye on North Korea. Japan is starting to mobilize its forces as well.


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