Should jws use phrase`mother organization?

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  • Gig

    As much as I hate to admit it, it is a clever play. Mother is to be submissive to the father, but still very much an authority, and the mother is more or less on the same level as the inheriting son...which is what their doctrine clearly teaches.

  • truthseeker1

    I'm telling MOM on you guys.

    Ok, really. It made me sick when people called the org mother. I have a mom. My mom cares for me very much, and would lay down her life for me. This borg is no mother.

  • Kenneson

    The Society is secretly in admiration of "holy mother, the Catholic Church." But it will never admit it.

  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    Only if they're willing to admit publicly what "muthahs" they are...

    Auntie Flame

  • Cicatrix

    We were just studying something along this lines in mythology. Some archeologists and mythologists feel their is ample evidence to support the fact that religion originally centered around the worship of a great goddess. Over time, they say, as a result of the Bonze Age, the Indo-European cultures began to conquer agrarian societies. Around this time, the mother goddess began to have male consorts (some think people may have realized that it takes a female and a male to procreate, and changed their religion to fit with their new knowledge).These males were thought to worship and live for the goddess, and procreate with her. Often, they offended the goddess, and the goddesses killed them in rage, at which point the goddesses would grow remorseful and bring their consort back to life. This is known as the "dying and reborn god" motif.

    As the Indo-European culture gained strength, there was a gradual change to worship of male gods. But the mother goddess wasn't done away with-she was assimilated into the new sky god religions in different roles. Interestingly, some archeological evidence has been unearthed that at one time, Yahweh may have had a consort goddess (which would also fit with the "bride" reference in Revelation). A city was unearthed in which the tetragrammation was above every doorway, along with the name of a goddess.

    It's interesting to read the Bible and compare it with various myths. It is really quite similar to them.

    Maybe that's why my very Baptist mother-in-law was so horrified that I was taking mythology:)

  • ChristianObserver

    The *alternative* trinity:

    1 Father - God

    2 Mother - the organisation

    3 Son - Jesus

    But not necessarily in that order in the eyes of some.

    And what happened to the Holy Spirit...?

  • RubaDub

    And what happened to the Holy Spirit...?

    The Holy Spirit fills in when one of the others is out of town.

    *****Rub a Dub

  • blondie
    What happened to the holy spirit?

    The organization usurped its position.

    June 1, 1985 Watchtower page 30

    1. On the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have you repented of your sins and dedicated yourself to Jehovah to do his will?
    2. Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovahs Witnesses in association with Gods spirit-directed organization?


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