Have you readjusted your language???

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  • confuzcious

    Here's something fun to think about...

    Since being DA or DF or just not going to meetings, have you readjusted your language?

    I'm taking about "going back" to saying things like...

    "Wow, you were LUCKY."

    "Bless you." (after a sneeze)

    Calling the Bible OT and NT instead of Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

    Even better, I wonder if anyone here still goes to meetings and says these things.

  • Rihannsu

    Fork YOU!! WTF are you talking about reaforking justin my language!! Shieeeeeeet

  • qwerty

    Yes, As a JW you tend to have a superior attitude and try and "speak proper". I think my Yorkshire accent as returned to normal.

    Speaking the PURE LANGUAGE........once again............NO not that "pure language", I mean Yorkshire!


  • onacruse

    I love saying "bless you" when someone sneezes......I used to do when I was a dubby too, my bad! Now I do it with a furry!

    I always say "lucky" too always did when a dubby 'cept for the rare occasion when in the presence of a "holyer than thou" dubbie I would say blessed or fortunate, ugh!

    Come to think of it my general attitude was that of a rebel maybe that's why I'm out of the B'org now, I just didn't let others do my thinking for me. Words are word, who cares what the origin of them is. It used to tick me off when one of the sisters would be amped and rip off a word like "shoot"! I would just say shit cuz that's what I ment to say in the first place. Lucky me I am a mild spirited person and seldom used cuss words.

    How about the stupid B'org words you keep saying now, mine is "the truth", gawd I wish I would get that one out of my vocabulary!


  • bikerchic

    Damn! I did it again posted under hubbies account.........


  • calamityjane

    Hey Onacruse, I mean Katie . You did it again.

    yes "the truth" phrase was hard to get rid of. Although I think my husband finally scared it out of me. O how he hated that phrase once we were out, so as to not to have pain inflicted on me, I learned to drop that phrase pretty quickly. (I'm just kidding about the pain).

    Back on subject I have freedom of speach now. I can say whatever I want, when I want.

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  • Elsewhere

    Hell yeah!

  • Ravyn

    J-Double-Speak is the first thing to go. Why speak a language no one else understands? It identifies you with JWs--but of course only to yourself since no one else in the whole friggin Universe knows what the F you are saying. So why even waste your time trying to maintain a dead language? when I left JWs I was truly born again---I was a new born in a big bad world. It was what I imagine having a serious stroke would be like--trying to learn everything--but not 'over again' --for the first time! Lucky for adult humans it does not take 20 yrs to catch up!


  • Mystla

    I'm with Katie, I love saying "bless you" when someone sneezes now. I always hated not being able to say anything, like maybe people were waiting for me to say it. So now I say "bless you!!" loud and clear with conviction!

    I'm afraid my general use of foul language has gotten pretty bad, fortunately (or luckily) it doesn't really bother me.. It's actually a relief to be able to express anger and frustration vocaly.

    I've also started using phrases such as "Happy birthday" "Merry Christmas" and "trick or treat" (yeah, I know I'm too old for it)

    I've begun calling the KH "church" and the religion in general "cult" though those were words I used before, just not in that context!

    It's nice to be able to speak my mind without having to sensor everything I say.. I got chewed out once for saying "I screwed up" and another time when I said something "sucked" No one I know now would even blink over that or worse.. ahh, freedom!


  • Brummie

    I can say lucky (what happened to the poster with that name?)

    I also like to take the toast at a wedding now, remember how that was a sin?

    any way , bless you


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