Theocratic War Strategy and Watchtower lawyer Vincent Toole...

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  • Vidiot

    There's something fundamentally bizarre about using "theocratic warfare" to try to refute the concept of "theocratic warfare"...

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    There's something fundamentally bizarre about using "theocratic warfare" to try to refute the concept of "theocratic warfare".

    Yes, there is. In the world of Theocratic Warfare (TW) "lying" takes on a special meaning that precludes intentional deception when the subject is supposedly a threat to the Kingdom's interests. Hence TW practitioners find themselves asserting that they are not lying even when they're intentionally deceiving!

  • Vidiot

    "I lie all the time. In fact, I'm lying right now." - Harry Mudd, Star Trek

  • truthseekeriam
    We all knew he was lying! Thank you for giving us something to show just how much.
  • Heaven

    Vidiot, sometimes I think you can read my mind. ;0)

    Can this be sent to the ARC? Or have you already done so Marvin?
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    It's truly sad that the testimony of all the WT officials who were put on the stand had to be filled with soo much deceit, dishonesty, evasiveness and yes 'theocratic warfare'...after all the purpose of these hearings has every to do with seeing to it that sexually abused children are protected from further abuse by WT's flawed judicial system.

    It goes without saying that the WTBTS and it's GB will indeed throw even it's children under the bus for the sake of 'MOTHER'!


    Asking a WBT$ Liar if he Knows about Theocratic Warfare (WBT$ Approved Lying),could only produce one result..

    He`ll lie about it..LOL!!..

    The Australian Royal Commission is aware the WBT$ Lies,WBT$ Reps Lie..

    They were aware WBT$ Rep Vincent Toole would lie to them..

    Angus Stewart had Vincent Toole unwittingly demonstrate how Theocratic War Strategy works..

    WBT$ Rep Vincent Toole was the only one in the room who thought he was clever..


  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Yes. The letter found in my blog posting has been sent to the Royal Commission.

    Something that really stood out to me during Toole's testimony was his constant deflection suggesting that because he worked in Watchtower's Legal Department he was not too well versed about goings on in Watchtower's Service Department.

    The problem I have with this is that before Toole worked in the Legal Department he worked nearly 10 years as a Circuit Overseer, and Circuit Overseer are part of the Service Department. In fact, as a Circuit Overseer Toole was sent to congregations under direct supervision of the Service Department for purposes of representing Watchtower through the lens of all things "Service Department" because that's who he reported to. To then claim ignorance of things "Service Department" is patently absurd, not to mention dishonest.

  • gerry

    I was watching the royal commission live when Vin Toole made that comment. I immediately rang the royal commission and said I had evidence to show he was lying. You see I have the original copy of that society letter. They said to email it in. So no blacked out version the royal commission now know who and what Congregation it was addressed too.. Cheers Gerry

  • GodZoo

    .. but the letter states that it's ok to lie to what they term as 'bitter enemies'. So by this definition the Australian Royal Commission's efforts to seek to protect innocent children from sexual abuse inside the ranks of the organisation at the hands of those responsible for their care qualifies them as 'bitter enemies'?

    The countless "I don't recall", "I don't remember", "I don't know", "I am not aware" from the mouths of Tool, all the elders and Mr Jackson himself was full blown theocratic warfare in action.

    There you have it ladies and gentlemen.. clear as day.

    Filthy disgusting lying cult.

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