To Be or Not To Be - Like God

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  • peacefulpete

    The implication is in verse wherein Jeh says he will bless or curse depending upon the obedience of Isreal Then he lists terrible plagues and other monsterous deeds that he will curse with. The blesings include an absence of miscarriages and failed crops. Verses like Deut 28:18 says " cursed will be the fruit of your belly and your animal" (substance) if you disobey. Lev 26:21,22 says that cuse includes sending wild animals to eat your children. Ex 23:26 says Jeh would Bless them with no miscarriages IF they obey ,inplying the curse was the opposite. Hosea 9:14 has Jehovah's prophet praying that the unfaithful Jewish women uffer miscarriages. Chapter 13:16 says Jehovah will rip the bellys of the disobediance pregnant women open. The test of adultry wherein the accused is to drink bitter abortion causing water (belly swells and thigh ie:embryo and tissue, fell out) also speaks loudly. ( Numbers 5) The reward for not being found pregnant by another man was for her then to become pregnant by her accuser, WHAT A REWARD!

  • Introspection

    Well, there's a difference between being and acting. This typical attitude seems to be 'fake it till you make it' spirituality.

    There is another way to read that passage. The word must could indicate either compulsion (as in: you must do this or I'll smack you upside the head) or must as in certainty. (this MUST be true, how can it not be?) If you read that passage in the second sense of the word, the thought becomes: "Of course you're perfect, after all, your heavenly father is perfect."

    To imitate is not being, it is pretending. All this stuff is supposed to be by God's grace even according to traditional Christianity right, but here are some clowns thinking they got a nice system whereby you can put in so much works (in the case of JWs, actually counting the hours) to rack up some brownie points, like slipping God a few bills to get a good seat in Heaven/Paradise or whatever. Well, I will just say this: If you only had a different idea (or no idea, actually) of love and what it means to be perfect, (which of course goes hand in hand) the understanding of that scripture can change completely.

    When is a good time to introduce the idea that maybe the different ideas of/about God in the bible are not the real thing? Most of the time it's "this idea contradicts that one" - but what about just all of them being ideas period? All thoughts, all the same class of things - concepts. You don't have to get upset at the thoughts, they are just thoughts. Just see it for what it is, it's not like any concepts are going to be the real thing anyways, that's why they're called concepts.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Now another thing youll have to do if you want to be like Yahweh is you will have to take a fancy to HUMAN SACRIFICE.

    Numbers 31 verse 28, 29.

    Abraham knew his Gods tastes well when he strapped his only son onto the sacrificial table.

  • Robdar

    Saint Satan,

    Excellent post. You make very interesting observations about the discrepancies in the Bible in its description of God.

    Personally, the only thing I pay attention to in the Bible is what Jesus is quoted as saying. If Jesus was indeed of divine origin, (but then again, aren't all humans also?) then I figure he knew God better than any of us. But even if Jesus was not God's only begotten, he was still, I think, a master teacher.

    Jesus took the time to teach us a simple yet powerful lesson which is this: Love is the most direct way to overcome the anomalies of the world. If we love, there is no need for rebirth. By loving one another, we forgive each other. No need to reincarnate. Love sets us free from the karmic wheel. Jesus' simple message is what made him such an outstanding master. Better even than Buddah.

    I hope I haven't gotten too far off the subject matter. Thanks for letting me ramble. BTW, I miss our conversations. Email me sometimes.



  • justhuman

    I better like to be like Jesus



    Understands human imperfection

  • Navigator

    This poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox kind of speaks to the thread:

    God and I alone in space and no one else in view

    "and where are the people, Lord, I asked,

    "The earth beneath, the skies overhead and the dead whom I once knew?"

    "Nay, those were but dreams," God smiled and said,

    "Dreams that have ceased to be true.

    There were no people living or dead, there was only myself and you".

    "And why do I feel no fear, I asked.

    Seeing You here this way?

    For I have sinned I know full well

    And is there a heaven and is there a hell?"

    And is this the judgment day?"

    "Nay, those were but dreams", the great God smiled

    "Dreams that have ceased to be.

    For there were no such things as fear and sin

    And you-yourself , you have never been

    For there is NOTHING AT ALL BUT ME!!!"

  • Satanus

    Thanks, robyn. When i have some news, i will email you.


    Cool poem. I tend to think this is all dreams. Matter is mostly empty, maybe up 99%. The only thing enabling it to keep it's form is the wiggling of electrons and other small particles. If matter was really real, i would expect it to be more solid than it is. 'Course, i could be loosing it.


  • peacefulpete

    electromagnetic force is real. Matter's appearance of solidity is the result of these forces repelling each other when in contact. The newly hypotheszed and tenatively accepted dark matter has different fundemental properties that enable it to pass straight through ordinary matter such as walls without either being disturbed. I guess this means Jesus had a dark side. Thats my best stab at a joke.

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