What Would You Do With 18 Million Dollars???

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  • kelpie

    Hi everyone...

    Just abit of a fluff thread really...

    In Australia there is an 18 million dollar lotto draw happening on the 15th of February...

    It got me to thinking... What would I spend it on???

    I know that the first thing I would do is pay off all my debts, buy 2 houses, one to live in and one to rent out, buy a new car, put money in trust funds for the kids and give some money to my family...

    that still lives at least 10 million dollars... I would have to go on an around the world holiday (first class all the way) ok take of a million...

    Now what???

    I have you ever wondered about this?? I love to dream about money...

    Kelps (of the ever dreaming class)


    I'd spend it on all of you here $

  • TR

    If I won an ungodly amount of money, I'd find a way to buy up the WTS buildings in NY, then I'd donate them to the NY fire dept. for training purposes.

    THEN, I'd launch the biggest ad campaign the world has ever seen AGAINST the WTS. THEN, I would hire moles to infiltrate the society and make it fall apart even faster that it already is. Then I would pull every string that could be pulled to get the FBI to indict the WTS on charges of fraud, child abuse, theft, false advertising, murder, etc.


  • Elsewhere

    I would buy 18 million Lotto tickets

  • Prisca

    I would first off buy a house for myself, and perhaps invest some into property development.

    I would give some to my sister to spend, but she's a JW so maybe her conscience wouldn't be able to accept it

    I would put some in trust for my niece for when she turns 18.

    I would definitely go on a round the world holiday, hopefully meeting some of you guys on the way!

    The rest I would invest, so I could retire in comfort.

  • not interested
    not interested

    i would organize a international apostafest and pay everybodys way ....or id just go to vegas and put it all on one bet, on the roulett table.

  • larc

    I would travel all over. I would time my trips so I could go to as many apastafests as possible. I would give money to some worthy causes and some worthy people who need it. I would deck out my house and turn my yard into a lovely garden, with flowers ornamental trees, walkways, and fountains, with no grass or weeds in sight.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    1. Quit my job
    2. Pay off my parents' house, my houses and buy each of my brothers a house.
    3. Spend whatever it took to get my nieces out of their mother's custody, even if it meant financially supporting my brother 100 percent, so he could be a full time stay at home dad.
    4. Get Yizumen housed, clothed, fed, counseled, and set up in a business that would allow him to support himself without being at the mercy of employers, state agencies and landlords.
    7. Help pay to build our new synagogue (REALLY help)
    5. Go to a more prestigious law school
    6. Become a "society maven"


  • Outaservice

    I'd do the same thing if I had 17 million dollars!

    First of all I'd get some new jumper cables for my truck.

    Then I would send the rest of it to the Society for the Kingdom work! No, wait a minute, I wouldn't do that, what was I thinking!

    Outaservice (who's spent a lot of money he dosen't even have)

  • Debz


    Buy a new designer house with a pool and spa........with a cook and housekeeper

    Buy a Porsche

    Buy a house for each of my kids

    Travel - EVERYWHERE

    I would still work but only 3 days (when I felt like it)

    Pay off my friends houses in UK and my Uncle`s

    Put some in trust for the g/kids

    Thats all.....

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