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  • Beans

    Yet another great disection, notice all the hidden apostate material in there own material, I love it!


  • blondie

    jgnat, right on again, my friend. Isn't it amazing that this slippery stuff slid by us in days ago? But the light got brighter. Heck, the light got turned on for the first time.

    Beans, thanks for the encouragement. Give me an inch and I'll take a mile. The apostate theme is strong in the side articles. I think when I get back I'll do the one I just read about Timothy and Paul.


  • archangel01

    Hey Blondie

    Good one only if we follow the 15min rule right LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heres a thought can I count the time when I'm talking/Praying to God. Boy does that add up and whats more it's WHOLE SOULED and with TRUE LOVE

  • blondie

    Hey, arch, that 15-minute rule is only for the old and infirm.

    I get the feeling that you are a spring chicken.


  • blondie

    I guess I qualify for infirm but not old enough for "old". I get all my time in here doing my WT review.


    I actually see something like this in my future. I am already checking out wheelchairs the same way I buy a car. I love the test runs.

  • Pistoff

    Well done blondie, and all the other posters. I think I may have to sit thru the study tomorrow, haven't made it for weeks, and have been out of town on business.

    I hate hate hate the constant haranguing tone in the articles. How about one that dwells on the body of christ in the modern day, and about what all believers have in common instead of what divides us?

    Or how about one that talks about what some "true christians" do in the way of charity that does NOT involve giving to other witnesses?

    I don't want to go anymore, I just hate it so much.

  • BluesBrother

    I like to consider these treads after the meeting, I dont want to spend my time beforehand reading the 'Tower.

    Good points made already. The comparison with Pompei is hardly like for like. One was a natural disaster , the end is supposed to be Christ's express judgement.

    Para.12 ] "Hence any who feel that the day of Jehovah is delaying is encouraged to heed Peter's counsel to wait patiently"

    Have we not been patient? In my case 44 years since I was baptised 44 years ! Jehovah may live forever but mankind does not. I have grown from a young boy to a man "Past the bloom of youth" and still nothing. Zilch ! The world rolls on as it will indefinately .. and the Tower continues to trot ou the same old cliche's

    Ba! Humbug !

    Right on Blondie , I am saddened by your comments about a wheelchair . Please bear up.

  • blondie


    Missing so many meetings now makes me feel like I am floating. It is like a rock has been lifted off my back. "Haranguing" is just another word for abuse that starts on the written page and becomes verbal abuse at the meetings. It’s like being slapped repeatedly. No wonder you are feeling abused. Take every opportunity you can to be gone, work, non-JW family issues, being out of town for whatever reason. I don’t know what holds you in, Pistoff, but start chipping away at it slowly. Don’t wait until you are spiritually dead.

    ((hugs)) (don’t give too many of these but you need one)


    Don’t feel too bad. I have had time to adjust to my disability. My anger has spent itself. I look at what I can do now. Actually, some of those wheelchairs are quite fun and flashy.

    I have been baptized almost as long. But don’t let regret keep you from living this life you have now and before you.

    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That's why it's called 'the present'. (Loretta LaRoche)

  • SYN

    Yes, stay in a constant state of urgency. Sounds like holding your urine until you positively burst.

    Which many of the people on this site certainly did during those looooooooooooooooong Watchtower Studies. Oh, the humanity! Your posts are always cool Blondie! So incisive! You must've gotten LOTS of sharp looks from the Elders at the Hall with this one! ;)

  • blondie

    Yes, SYN, I remember those days as a kid, holding it until my teeth were floating. Now I go back there often. I want to set a bad example for the children, but mostly it is to vomit.

    The elders were always afraid to call on me. But note, these are comments you will NOT hear at the WT Study. Mine are always right on the mark with the scriptures but rarely with the WTS dogma. It is hard to argue against the Bible from the platform.

    My brother refused to wait one time and peed on the chair. The elders encouraged my mother to take him back to the little men's room after that.

    Blondie (those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end)

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