Watchtower - Thongs, how will they affect your JC?

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  • crownboy

    Well Heaven, I own neither thong nor scanner, so to pull of such a feet would be quite difficult. On the other hand, you seem to have access to both thongs and scanners, which makes this task much easier for you to do.

    Of course, I trust you . I'll post post my pic once I get access to the proper equipment,but in the mean while, you can go first. After all, you do trust me too, right?

  • starfish422


    But for the hyphen, I'd have thought the WTBTS was branching out producing ladies' lingerie. :D

  • greven


    Many elders will ask a woman if she was wearing a thong when some form of "misconduct" occurred. If the woman was wearing a thong, they will construe it as evidence of intent to commit the "misconduct". In the world of JWs, wearing a thong = wanting to be immoral. This is especially true for single sister, who have no business being sexual.

    Unbelievable!!!! OMG!


  • Solace


    "After all, you do trust me too, right?"

    Hmmmmmmmmm, let me think about that for a minute...............


  • plmkrzy

    They sure have come a LOOOONG way since I attended any meetings. They have their own line of underware now?

    WatchTower Thongs Will they give Victoria Secret a run for the money?

  • blondie

    I first I thought you meant these:

    Then I thought someone had a lisp

    Kingdom Thongs (Songs)

    Song 82 The

    Women Are a Large Army

    Jehovah himself gives the saying.

    The women who go out to preach

    All form a large army to witness;

    Humanity they want to reach.

    It means getting started right early,

    But now I realize it is but* floss. (I just learned that phrase this week)


  • JT

    I thought the name of this thread was so on time for this thread demostrates one of the sad things about claiming to speak for god, when one actually does not.

    when i was a newly appointed elder at the tender age of 27

    i was introduced to the world of the JUDICAL COMMITTEE.

    It was in fact my first case. i had gotten a call from the PO before the meeting stating that their would be an elders meetings to discuss some judical matters. i sat thru the meeting thinking and wondering

    what type of case would it be and would i be selected to serve on it since i was a new elder or would i be told next you can serve.

    right after the prayer we quickly entered the 2nd school. and there we sat, the po annouced that he had been approached by a single sister who stated she had sexual relationship with a man on her job and this would require the formation of a judical committe.

    i recall so well that one bro almost jumped out of his seat to volunteer stating that since she was in his bookstudy he felt that he would be in a good position to serve.

    the po stated he would be out of town so he could not do it this weekend and it needed to be handle quickly cause it was publicly known on her job

    - the guy got the sister stuff and-went bragging about bagging a JW-


    so another bro was recommended and then the po said let James serve it will be good exp. we got 2 exp elders already.

    so the time was arranged for sat at 2pm at the hall to meet with her but we would meet at 1:30pm to review the flockbook

    well i was up late friday night reviewing the flockbook on how i could be a loving shepard for this dear sister who had been swallowed up by this worldly man - a tool of satan_

    then the time came she walked into the room and i had known her for a number of years and my wife and her were good friends so the embarrassment on her face was so telling

    after a prayer the chairman explained a few ground rules no tape recorders , etc

    then she was asked to tell us what happened

    when she finished --the woman was shaking and eyes just full of water

    then the questioning began

    at first the question were basic one that i thought sounded reasonable, but in just a few min i realized why the bookstudy conductor wanted to serve on her case

    i found out later that he was interested in her yrs ago, but she wasn't

    he married and his wife was one of those big black sisters who was good in field service , but not much to really look at

    while this sister kinda put in mind of a Venessa Williams type to put in plainly she was a nice looking sister i won't lie

    but the questions took a wild left hand turn, he started and the other bro would followup it was like machine gun questions

    Who was on top
    Did he Climax
    was there oral or any anal

    and on an on it went
    and yes the famous question:

    "Were you wearing Panites or Thongs?"

    i could see that she was starting to lose it and she just brokedown into tears- so she was excused to go to the bathroom

    while she was out it was explained to me as a new elder that such questions were NEEDED to see if she was consistent in her story and the details- to see if she was truly repentant or was it a practice

    he explained to me that a "Practice" could be considered if the person had sexually intercourse more than once during the night while in the bed with the person- that it was not needed for it to be separate days, but more than once in the same night and it "could be" considered that the person had made it into a "Pratice"

    the TECHNICAL DETAILS that wt gives it's elders are unreal

    such as the difference between



    oUR WT elders school spent about 25 min in our class explaining the difference between the two and each has it's own

    i was told that the Panty-Thong question would reveal

    "INTENT" "Scheming" "planning" etc on the part of the sister

    you see as it was explained to me if she was wearing Bloomers or reg panties then if a claim was made that we got carried away in the heat of the moment then it would be possible

    but if she was wearing "Thongs" then she went to his house with the intent of Giving him Some

    now this is how i was beening groomed and instructed, being a new elder who had never served on any case i didn't know

    these guys were exp elders with yrs of judical cases under thier belt-
    beside these were all Former bethelites like myself so of course the boys from THE HOUSE knew how the judicial meeting was to be handle

    well she came back into the room and sat down and the questions started again in a few min and at this point she refused to answer anymore questions LIKE THAT and she told us she would not answer THOSE TYPES OF QUESTIONs

    "Girl Friend" picked up her bag and walked out

    in 5 min we decided that she was "UNREPENTANT" AND DFED HER

    I SWEAR TO GOD i only wish i could find her and tell her how sorry i was for allowing her to literally be ganged raped by those guys

    this system of the WT of having men called Elders with no training FREELY be able to ask any Damn quesiton they want to and the persons is obligated to answer or else be viewed as not working with Jehovah's Organization is a Damn Joke

    I often wonder whatever became of that sister- she attended only about 2or 3 meetings after the annoucement and disappared into thin air

    If you are reading this post and you know who you are

    for i'm in the Washington DC area of the country

    I beg you to please accept my apology for supporting such a cruel and evil system


  • DanTheMan

    Man, that's a hell of an experience JT. Thanks for sharing that reminder of just how crazy it was.

    Dan, never-was-an-elder-and-never-wanted-to-be class

  • JT

    Man, that's a hell of an experience JT


    now combine my exp with the fact that JR Brown admits that Elders are Untrained Volunteers

    why in god's green earth are 3 men who all work as Cheese Cracker Men at Sam's club asking an adult woman such questions

    this is why this religion is so dangerous

  • crownboy

    Geez, Heaven, that last comment has truly crushed me .

    But you know what would cheer me up? You posting the picture afterall.

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