Demon-possessed inanimate objects

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  • SolidSender

    Carmel, hey inhabiting a smurf might be a lot of fun! Yea I guess if you were a serious evil spirit you'd want to do something big time ike inhabit the Governing Body of JW's.

  • overthehillgrandma

    this happens to me every now and then, with me its called MS..

  • waiting

    Hey Katchoo,

    Thanks for responding - it's lonely sometimes to be the odd-one-out. When I was growing up, my only consolation to the oddities of my mind was Catholic confession and tearing my fingernails apart, and stomach problems, etc. I ended up in the hospital on an IV at 10, but my mom covered - so I went back home. But memory loss (years at a time, and/or events) was ever present. The only problem is, you can't remember that you've forgotten something if you don't even know it happened in the first place.

    I'm sure some of you others know what I'm talking about. How many of you remember being bottle feed or breast fed? But you're mother, or others told you how you were nourished - and you believed them. Were they telling the truth? How do you know - a picture? That is not memory - that is a picture. We only remember what we remember - if someone is shocked into not remembering, as the old question goes, how do you know it happened? If no one reminds you that it happened, you will not know - unless your mind or body reminds you. In my experience, when that happens, it is never pleasant.

    I went back to my childhood home and city several times within the past decade. I met persons from my childhood. I always remembered cheating a lot in school - I thought I was a lazy/smart girl. My girlfriend reminded me that she tutored me for several years - I just couldn't remember one day to the next. Too bad I really don't remember my best friend. I never knew I was sick a lot of the time - I always thought I just skipped school. I never knew my father hit me in front of my friends. I never knew I had huge bruises other people saw - I just thought I fell a lot. All I knew, I would wake up - and there would be these huge bruises covering my legs. I just thought I was clumsy (even though I was coordinated enough to be captain of several sports teams). Go figure. My point, however too long I make it, is that we don't know what's in our past unless we remember. And if we don't actually remember - perhaps we must make the choice to go looking.

    Not unlike the religious predicament that we JW's find ourselves in. We've been taught not to remember our beginnings - do we obey and hope that our mother tells us the truth? What if she doesn't? We're betting our hearts, present life, and future lives that she is as truthful as she says she is, but what if she's "coloring" the truth?

    My mother did that - and my father wallowed in the freedom of destruction that her "coloring" of the truth allowed him. Much to the horror of many children and the destruction of all my pets.

  • waiting

    Hey, Overthehill,

    How was your summer visit? I remember seeing your posts several times. I am familiar with PMS, what does MS stand for? All jokes aside, are you talking about the illness or some net lingo that I am not aware of (which is most).

    Good to hear from you.


  • overthehillgrandma

    sorry ..I was talking about Multiple muscles and nerves do all kind of strange things..spasm, lock, etc..right now I am in remission I have the R&R type (remitt relapse)..the last brain scan says the lesions are healed with no scarring..I am so hopefull yet cautious..this is a strange illness, it might hit only once in a life time and never hit again or it can hit and take you down and keep you this way or it can hit and come and Dr has only read about the ones that have went into remission with no scarring..I am his first one he has actually seen..In case you are not familiar with MS it is demylenation of the covering of the white matter of the brain, when we lose the white matter it interups the nerves, even if you go into remision and they heal(which hardly ever happens) it useually leaves scarring behind and the scars interupt the nerve signals and impulses..mine has healed with no scarring..I have residule weakness in my right hand and its half the size of the left but I am fortunate this is all (for now) .

  • waiting

    I'm sorry to learn of your illness. Several of us here have talked about our illnesses. Does seem to be common here as is everywhere.

    We have different ones, but we react the same way. We learn to accept what we can't change. I'm glad you're doing better, and hope it continues.

    Good to have you back. It's been busy around here.

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  • Seven

    overthehillgrandma, It's good to see you again.

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