Demon-possessed inanimate objects

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  • Dubby

    For years I heard stories that certain items in the home could be demon-possessed. I was told to be careful of items bought at garage sales because we didn't know their origin, or who or what they were used for.

    Did we own a Ouija board before becoming a witness? Could it be that items like these were creating misfortune? How about a candle holder that was once in a church? If we are experiencing negative things in our lives, should we do a thorough housecleaning to see if there are any suspect items? Should we then burn or destroy these suspect items?

    Ive heard many demon-related stories among the JW's. "Are you new in the faith? Is Satan trying to pull you away from Jehovah?" Never have I ever experienced any of these things first hand. Was Satan not worried and knew that I would eventually turn away from the Watchtower Society, so he didn't bother me? Personally I think it's a superstitious load of crap.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • Roamingfeline

    I often wondered the same thing, if I just wasn't worth Satan's bother! LOL Several of the JW's in our congregation had "Demon stories". I think it is just part and parcel of the rampant paranoia fostered by the GB to keep the lemmings in line.


  • waiting


  • waiting

    Tried to post previously - computer ate it.

    Back to demons. I've bought 'most everything second hand - and have had no odd experiences.

    However, that being said, odd experiences have happened to me that when I was a good, active JW gave me 2 alternatives in thinking: crazy or demonized.

    While still a divorced mother, (during the yrs the Society said even if you wore bikini underwear you might be suggesting to the demons you were accessible) I woke up with the extremely real laughing face of a man above me, while mounting me. I was out of the bed/bedroom/across the house in seconds. Crept back in later, checked every corner, then slept on the couch for several nights. It was so real, I actually felt him on me, could feel the mattress move beneath his weight. His grinning face. The only thing missing was the actual man.

    Again, years later, startled awake to the strong smell of ???? Again, I was out of my bed, across the house in seconds. Snuck back in, sniffed, no smell. I had thought it was the smell of a dead animal. But I've lived in the country for a long time - I know that smell. This was similar, but different.

    There were other times, but I just put them in the back of my mind. Several years later, I entered therepy for horrific child incest. With no drugs, (Prozac later) no hynotism, going only once every two weeks, memories started colliding with conscious thought.

    The man? My father. The smell? Blood, feces, urine & death. I knew I had recognized that smell. Once you smell it, it's the most rich, revolting odor imaginable.

    Without knowing any different thoughts on the matter, as a JW, or any demon-believing religion, a person is only left with 2 easy-to-reach-for alternatives: Demons or Insanity.

    Over 20-25% (at last study I read) of children are incest survivors - that holds out a lot of territory for unexplained experiences.

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  • RedhorseWoman

    My husband and I did have one experience with something like this while we were engaged.

    We had gone to visit one of his cousins who was into a lot of occult stuff. She gave my husband a gift of British Sterling aftershave and cologne.

    I went to pick my then fiance up the next day after work, and I found him walking sideways down the street. He was headed towards the chiropractor's office. He told me that he had gotten an adjustment earlier that day, but something went out of place, and he couldn't walk straight...only sideways.

    In the office while I waited for him, I started getting some rather large nervous tics, with my head and arms spasming. I remember thinking that it was REALLY a very stressful day, and my nerves must have been strained more than I realized.

    Since my fiance had an appointment later that evening with his regular doctor also, we stopped at a fast-food place to get something to eat.

    By this time, my arm was jerking around so badly that I felt embarrassed about going in, so I waited in the car.

    Later, at the doctor's office, I put all my concentration into keeping my arms still...I felt like an idiot. As I was sitting there willing myself to be still, I felt the pinkie finger of my right hand start to rotate in large circles. It felt as if someone was pulling it...hard. I clamped my left hand over my right to hide the weird rotations, and thought I must be going insane.

    Then, my fiance mentioned the visit to his cousin and said that he really didn't want to go back there to visit....he had felt very uncomfortable there because of some of the things she was involved with.

    At that point I remembered the gift. I suggested that after the doctor's visit we get it and take it to the KH and ask for the brothers' help.

    As my fiance brought the gift set out to the car, my right arm starting flailing around widely, and banging against the windshield. We tried to make it to the KH, but it finally became so weird that I stopped near some woods, and my fiance took the gift set and flung it as far as he could. As soon as the item was thrown away, all of the jerking and flailing stopped.

    Demons? I don't know.....but it was certainly negative energy of some sort.

  • waiting

    Dear Red,

    No Smurfs were in the car with you?

    I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist.

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  • Pathofthorns

    I find it strangely surprising that the number of "demon" related stories has gone down since the end of the 80's. One would think that would be "stepping up" their work the nearer we get to "the end"(LOL).

    Perhaps the Society realizes how rediculous all this supersticious stuff sounds. I really can't believe how many people bought into that Smurf crap as well.

    Not to say that I don't believe in wicked spirits, their power or influence. But when you've got a bunch of people believing a stuffed Smurf walks out of a Kingdom Hall, you've got to start questioning the mental control involved to convince sane people of things like that.

    Those who think that quoting a few scriptures or rhyming of JEHOVAH's name like some lucky charm must really be gone to think that they can "expel" demons when Christ's own disciples didn't have strong enough FAITH to do so. Considering how long these creatures have been in existence and the power they have, one must at least neither insult their power or intelligence.

    It also seems cultures and times of ignorance breed such stories. Perhaps there is some merrit to some, but where have all the recent stories gone? The noticable reduction in these stories tells me that people simply aren't buying into them anymore.


  • Dubby


    I agree. There once was a story in the W or A, I don't remember which, but it was about a JW in Africa that was being beaten my demons that were supposedly sent by the local witch doctor. Evidently, the Witch Doctor didn't like WT doctrine. That was the last story I read about demons.


    Man that's weird. I guess I believe you, but it's kind of hard for me. Like I said before, I've never personally experienced so much as esp, let alone a demon experience.


    What a horrific experience! Yeah, I'd say your father was the main culprit in that ordeal. Man that's sick, I can't understand people who are pedaphiles or those who perpetrate incest. The WTS is right about ONE thing, this world can be a sick place.

  • katchoo

    God, I know what that's like. As an incest survivor myself, I know what it's like to think you're crazy because of the nightmares and flashbacks.

    I also know what it's like to be accused of being demonized. I still don't know WHY they thought that, other than the fact that I can see energy fields around people. But I never mentioned that around the JWs because I knew what their reaction would be. It was my mother who felt the need to run to the elders (as usual) because she heard me talking about it to a friend from school, adn she naturally assumed that because she was starting to have some doubts about the Society's teachings, it must be my fault.

    I have never had an experience with a demon. I have had experiences with things that were definitely spirits, things that some would call ghosts. I don't know what they were, but they did not hurt me and I was never afraid.

    But the whole black/white God/Devil thing seems waaaaay too simplistic for me. I don;t think the Devil is wandering around trying to possess people by means of smurf toys and second hand clothes and super magic 8 balls. A much subtler thing (and more devil-ish IMO) would be for the Devil to decieve people in the name of God...

    interesting thought, huh? :)

    Anyway, as I have said before, I have done everything I was cautioned against, adn I have yet to see a demon unless you count my two cats. ;)


  • Carmel

    Shortly after I left the association with the Witnesses I was driving home from my job and I spotted a familiar car along the road side. It was one of my older brothers who had a flat tire. I stopped and in the fix he was in with out a spare he was more than happy to break the shunning order and accept my spare to get him home. I owned a Mercury and he had a Ford so our wheels were a match.

    A few days later I noticed my spare tire leaning against the gard rail along the highway next to my brothers' house. I picked it up and went on about my business.

    Years later when attending another of my brother's funeral, I had a chance converstation about "evil spirits" and I learned through a family friend that was in attendance that my mother had instructed my brother to get the spare tire off the property as it would surely be inhabited by demons as it had been in the trunk of my car.

    The absurdity of this was totally lost on my family of older brothers that were seemingly highly intelligent. Has anyone ever thought through the idea of evil spirits wasting their time inhabiting smurfs, spare tires and aftershave lotions? Wouldn't they be much more effective in more insideous ways? Any thought given to the mental powers of the mind?

    Sorry, my soap box wearies of me.

    For those interested Eilene Pagel's book "The Origin of Satan" is a good read on how the idea of evil became personified during the early years of contention between the Christian groups . BTW, she is a well known Christian apologist and author.


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