Do You Yearn For Love?

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  • Satanus


    I think intro is trying to say that, as the song goes, love is in the air.



    Honestly, I cannot complain. I have excellent loving friends and family. Not lacking any love.

  • Debz

    No...I don`t YEARN for love.......I would like more from my dub family but cay sera sera.....but if love came along in terms of a relationship I would view it as an additional bonus to add to my life......and I recieve love from my kids and grandkids...........but still love its not what makes me ME.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey Debz. On the salary youre on, a professional self directed lady like yourself, I bet you are beating them off with a STICK .

  • Debz

    A stick HUH!

    Well not sure bout that - and don`t know if my salary makes a huge difference to the amount of male attention I may or may not get....

    Mind you I guess with a brain like yours Refiner I bet you have a bevy of submissive females at your feet!

  • Been there
    Been there

    I have always felt a great lack of love in my life. Most love I had was very conditional. I could never figure out what I did so wrong that made me unlovable. I tried way tooooooooo hard in past years to be good and perfect. That didn't work. The many disappointments have left me tired, synical and just not caring anymore if I can gain the love of anyone else. I have been loved a time or two and know what it feels like. I haven't felt it in a very long time. I have some lessons to learn.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    ..."I bet you have a bevy of submissive females at your feet!"....

    Yeah, but its the wrong way round...Im at THEIR feet!

  • minimus

    I wonder how many people actually felt that they were loved by the "brothers".

  • safe4kids

    Do I yearn for love?

    I think all humans need love and I'm human (believe it or not!) but no, I don't yearn for it. I feel a great deal of love...from my children, from my sister and her family, and from my circle of true friends, both on and offline. I am content with my life at the moment...oh, there are some things I'm working on improving, but that's more to do with the unending process of personal growth than the feeling that anything is lacking in my life.

    As for thinking at one time that the "brothers" loved me...sure, I believed that completely. Then I smacked head-on into the wall of reality and discovered that the people I trusted were incapable of showing real love. Their love was shown so long as I toed the line and behaved the way I was expected to, but as soon as their precious reputation was threatened or, even more abhorent to them, their AUTHORITY was questioned, my personal welfare and that of my children became completely secondary. What a wake up call that was!


  • Loris

    Do I yearn for love?

    Not anymore. I got involved with the JW because I did not have love from my parents or my abusive controlling husband. I believed the advertised claim of the most loving and happy people on earth. What a joke. They are so busy with meetings and service they do not have time to develop true love for anybody. They shy away from families like mine who were needy and battered. I did not fit the pretty picture in the paradise brochures.

    Over time I developed real love within my family (me and the eight kids). I no longer expected love outside our world. We attended meetings still but did not fit in the clique at the KH. I guess that is why it was so easy for all of us to leave at the same time. We discovered the BS at the WTS and we were gone. No love lost there. There was no love It was all an illusion. The illusion doesn't have a hold after you see the man behind the curtain.

    Now do I yearn for adult companionship? That is a whole other story.


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