Jehovah's Angels will protect you out in the ministry. Except from Dogs Pit Bulls

by Not_Culty 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • smiddy3

    Where was Jehovah when Christians were killed in the Roman arenas for sport and entertainment ?

    Where was Jehovah when two missionaries were beheaded in the Phillipines ? a few years ago.?

    That`s only two that come to mind off the cuff.

    Their are plenty more .

  • Jordandemm

    A young lad I knew was hit and crushed by a car while on the ministry, he sadly died a few hours later. I rememer being in total shock at the time. I recall someone saying he couldn't have died in a better situation being out in the ministry and that he died faithfully, being PIMI at the time a nodded in agreement. Knowing what i know now he would probably be alive now if he had missed ministry that Saturday morning so sad.

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