I need help breaking a habit-----------

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  • eisenstein

    Hi Jesika,

    My sister and I have a similar problem. Ever since we were kids we would put our fingers in our mouth, not necessarily bite our nails, but some how they always found themselves in our mouths. School teachers used to get on us. And as adults...well it is not too attractive. My chiropractor who is into natural health products has a soap in his bathroom made from Eucalyptus and everytime I go to his office and when I use his bathroom I use this soap. It has a very distinctive smell. And I've noticed I don't want to put my fingers in my mouth, or if I do it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. So my suggestion is to buy a natural soap product like this that has a distinctive smell, but, not so toxic and maybe this will keep you from biting your nails?


  • ugg

    hi jesika,,,,,nail biting is just awful!!!!!!!!!!! been there,,,done that....you have been under so much pressure lately....try keeping a small note book handy and write in it every couple of hours,,as a reminder NOT TO CHEW YOUR NAILS.....and how you have done in the past couple of hours...

    in time,,,you will get stronger.....i know it is not much,,,but hope it helps alittle....best wishes...



    Sorry to be so slow with this. I haven't been very active lately in this forum.

    I saw a show this week with Dr. Phil. He says to wear gloves to stop nail biting!

    I used to bite my nails when I was four or five. My mom, a very loving and sweet person, said to me, "Esther, if you let your nails grow, we will paint them with pretty nail polish!" She would describe how we would file them all pretty and paint them all nice.

    Guess what! It worked! I never bit my nails again!!! Got lovely long nails, too! And I paint them all the time.

    Love ya!


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