Did you destroy your records/LPs/Tapes?

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  • Ravyn

    I played Pat Benatar's Wuthering Heights backwards and it said 'listen to the evil slave'. really.

    I thot it was cool, but my father made me destroy it. About a week later my sister and I were dragged into an investigative committee by some other elder's slutty daughter who claimed my sister could levitate things across the room and that we played albums backwards. This girl had never even been over to our house so i dont know where any of that crap came from. it was laughable.


  • DFWnonJW

    Ever played the WT tapes backwards? Just curious as to what you'd hear on them. Hmmmm. I think my brother has the old Rutherford records somewhere...I'll have to give them the backward spin. No telling what kind of light that might give off eh? Scary. Millions now living will never learn.

  • DFWnonJW

    I'll let my brother type in his story here since he is visiting.....

    Nobody told me to do it, nobody made me do it, but I "got into the spirit" after hearing talks about how some "bad" things could cause Jehovah to hold back his spirit from some. Since things weren't going exactly how I had anticipated ( in other words, a girl at the Hall that I liked, wasn't returning my affection), I decided to destroy my thousand dollar+ LP collection. I threw them into a dumpster by a lake. Nothing in my life changed, however, and the girl thought I was a dope. I was.

  • joannadandy

    This always reminds of the scene in The Virgin Suicides where Luz is forced by her mother to burn all her albums because she must be punished.

    Honestly, all my friends as JW's who had immoral music were forced to destroy (because you can't throw it out and give them away because someone might be hurt by it) their music because of it's immoral nature that would lead to drug abuse and loose living. I think I am a generation past the demonic backwards music age, but I do remember fire driven talks about the corruptible nature of RAP and HEAVY METAL (always remember to put your arms in the air and make air quotations around heavy metal and rap when gesturing brothers).

    Frankly I think it's all true. Music does corrupt.

    Look at me! My parents never made me rip out any tapes or melt any cd's...AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! OH GOD THE HUMANITY!

  • joannadandy
    Ever played the WT tapes backwards?

    Not on purpose. Funny story-I had the Bible Story book on tape when I was five (of course) and would listen to those damn things over and over! Well my repeated use wore out some of the tapes, causing the tape deck to eat them and start playing them backwards.

    The dude sounded russian...and VERY angry...I didn't note any hidden messages.

    I remember bursting into tears and my parents had to order me a new set of tapes. Ha!

  • truman

    I once threw away a Christmas album by Glen Campbell to show my theocratic loyalty. Ohhhh, the loss.

    I knew a brother in the cong who when he became a JW, threw out all his Neil Diamond records, and refused to watch or listen to 'The Sound of Music' because it was about the immoral relationship between a young governess and her employer.

    I always used to feel guilty if I was singing along with songs on the radio and the lyrics contained a mild expletive or a reference to God, like that song "Last Kiss" (Where, oh where can my baby be, she's gone to heaven so I've got to be good , so I can see my baby when I leave this world)

    When my son was in his late teens, I made him get rid of some CDs which had the 'f' word on them, but now that we are both out, I have bought some albums from those same bands.

  • Ravyn

    The last two years I was 'in' I owned a home in Vermont just minutes from the ski slopes and I was very popular with the bethelites who needed a place to stay...and they liked my cd collections too...every week end I had 'guests' you could hear Faith No More and Nine Inch Nails blasting all the way down the street.



    Well actually my mother did it for me. She just either threw the album covers away or tore off the questionable art work or pictures. And there was alot of it in the 70's and 80's. P-Funk, Prince, Ohio Players. Anything with OZZY or Black Sabbath. Edgar Winter...because he looked funny.

    Mom he's albino. What the hell. There was even a label in the 70's called Buddah. So you know she scratched off all the covers off those. But at least I got to keep the records.

    I can remeber being married with children came to visit her with a Prince T-Shirt. Woke up the next morning it was in the trash. I'm a grown ass man dammit. (maybe not)



  • undercover

    I remember a circuit assembly where the speaker actually played Stairway to Heaven backwards on stage trying to prove the demonicness(?) of my generations music. While he was speaking someone managed to have a list of "objectionable" artists and albums distributed through the audience. The list was laughable. James Taylor was on the list cause he spent time in a mental institution. Simon and Garfunkel. The Beatles. Mommas and the Pappas. And of course the harder edged bands, Zep, Sabbath. Anything disco. Earth, Wind and Fire was on the list. I remember a lot of the elders and MSs throwing away their EW&F albums. I lost my Zep, KISS, Rush, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles Hotel California among others. I have since replaced em with newer CD versions. Never got rid of the Beatles stuff tho. Just couldn't do it. I still have some of the Apple label albums, like the White Album and Let It Be, I think.

    Can't confirm it, but I heard that the brother who played the album backwards on stage actually got in trouble later for not sticking to the script.

    I've noticed(before I left anyway) that when "debasing music" is talked or written about, names are not mentioned. Just kind of a generic warning about all wordly music. Makes it easier for dub kids today to have at least some of their music.

  • bay64me

    Well, my oldest and best tapes and LPs were put into the attic when I moved. (Never got around to sorting them out) It was a year later when I started "studying". By the time I got baptised, I did get the odd niggle when my consience pricked me and I kept meaning to get around to throwing them out.

    I'm so glad that I never. I have a load of coloured vynyl ---(I can never remember how to spell that word) and treasures by The Clash, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Crass, The Damned, The Stranglers, Stiff Little Fingers to name but a few.

    No demons present around here, but some bloody good music

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