What's The Worst Thing The WT.Society Has Taught?

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  • seedy3

    Well, the way I see it, shunning and such is an emotional punishment and soon people get over it, some longer then others, but it is treatable.

    The idea that they are gods only channel or only ones that have a direct link, is not so far fetched, I mean even the catholics have their pope.

    I really think it is a toss up between 2 items and I feel this way because I am not sure which has caused more deaths.

    1: The blood/health policies {I have to include health because they have interfeared in vaccienes, transplants and such as well as the blood policy).

    2: Their "No part of this world" attitude twords being totally seperate from the world and not allowing their followers to buy party cards and such things that every one else in a particular country has to do. Malwai, is one prime example but not the only one.


  • pr_capone

    Blood transfusions

    "bad association"

    If you go to another church you will be df'd or da'd

  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame


    of self....of brothers and sisters...of failure...of authorities, including those in oversight....of knowledge....of ignorance....of being disapproved by our peers....of not measuring up in everyone else's eyes...of weaknesses....of imperfections, both on our own parts and on the parts of others....of a group of earthling men.

    Auntie Flame

  • TresHappy

    Definitely the blood issue. Letting your kids die than giving them a life-saving transfusion. In a nutshell: Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  • minimus

    Welcome Auntie Flame> FEAR is instilled by everyone. Whether it be initially by the Bible study teacher or the elders and governing body, fear keeps people in their place.


    The worst thing the WBTS has taught?..That that a dumb-ass publishing company is a religion..At least with Publishers Clearing House you`ve got a chance to win a Million$$$$$$$$$$ ..With WBTS all you get are empty promises,and a wasted life..OUTLAW

  • Warrigal

    The doctrine of the 'unforgiveable sin'. They don't clearly define it and yet they can apply it to about everything.

  • kwijibo

    They taught me not to have anything to do with worldly people and taught everyone in the cong to not socialize - so i had hardly any friends anywhere, became antisocial and wasted my life.

  • enjoy

    Mind control, ratting out your friends and then having no regard for family or friends once they leave the organization... MIND CONTROL.....

  • greven

    That independant thinking is something bad.

    Independant of what? God? the Bible? No silly! independant of them! this is the worst! all other doctrines have to be obeyed because of this.

    **gag**puke** welcome back to the middle ages!


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