The Reinstatement Process & How It Works

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  • blondie
    but if it were the same man, then Paul is telling a congregation to reinstate after 6 months, because that's about the time between the writing of the two letters!

    Very good point, Ozzie. I wonder why the WTS has never used this "principle" to support early reinstatements? In my experience, the BOEs slip these early ones past the WTS who are afraid to reverse them except under the most egregious circumstances. Then what concerns them is that the WTS authority was flauted not that justice was twisted for the individual(s).

    Blondie (we need a Talmud to keep these things straight)

  • minimus

    Could it be that the reason for reinstating this man in Corinth was due to the fact that he was a "holy one", a member of the "anointed"? Nearly every person that gets DF'd today is of the earthly hope. So it takes twice as long to get back in good graces.....Yeah, that's it!

  • stardy

    Dear Outback Aussie

    I've recently been through exactly the same experiences as your own. I was reinstated only a month ago, having been DF'd for the same reason as yours.

    I'm gutted that the sister you were studying with said something so 'out of order'. I can totally understand how that must have completely turned you off the 'truth' and - case in point - you stopped going to the meetings.

    My experience has been somewhat different, although early on in my 'back in the truth' stages. I too have battled with my emotions coming back into the truth, as I was away for about five years. Many times, I have had to run out of the Kingdom Hall, especially whilst the songs were played, in tears. Tears for what, I've wondered? Guilt? Fear? Happiness? Relief? It's hard sometimes to analyse.

    The first Sunday after my re-instatement I was thrust straight into the Field Service. Yikes. Scary. Honestly and openly I said to Gwen (my new mentor), 'right, your go! fact.. you're going to have to do them all....cos I'm a bit scared'. Putting this in context, I was - years ago - a reg. pion. did my time blah blah.. But I know my limits. Gwen was wonderful and put me at ease. Suddenly, without realising it, I was speaking to some guy on a door. I was relaxed and comfortable.

    When I go to the meetings, everyone greets me with a smile and genuine happiness that I'm 'back'. I find it a bit wierd sometimes (I quite liked it when I was DF'd because I didn't have to talk to anyone!) but the overall impression I get is that these people do love me.

    One thing I have learnt over the years is that JWs are massively imperfect and sometimes overly judgemental. The only way I could get over that is by acknowledging that the only real reason we're in the truth is for Jehovah. If the 'organisation' ended tomorrow, for whatever reason, Jehovah is still 'there' for us and it's for him that we do this thing. So, if stupid people say ridiculous things, view it as a 'test'. Satan is trying his hardest to turn everyone away from the Truth and the best way he can do it is from within. Within the organisation.

    I think you should talk to that sister about what she said to you. You know that it's never too late to come back into the Truth - she was talking b*******. Simple.

    I'm glad that you're in a happy relationship now. Perhaps now, it's a better time for you to 'think about' going back to the meetings again.

    Just concentrate on what's really important to you.

  • Pistoff

    Reinstatement, don't get me started.

    From my chair, it is all who you are, not what you did or your "repentence". In a hall nearby, a brother df'd for boozing, i think, was reinstated after 10 months or so of being out, but only made meetings for about the last three months. His family is good friends with PO.

    Another was out for at least six years, his wife got interested in religion, and after a meeting with the elders, he was reinstated immediately, having made maybe three meetings.

    I hate the whole thing. It is judgemental, unloving, unscriptural. After all, the elders are by JR Brown's own words "untrained volunteers"; how can they judge repentence???

    How many have gone through the humiliating process just to be able to greet their family?

    I just hate this practice.

  • simplesally

    Ozzie, How do you get that the congregation was to reinstate the man from Corinth in 6 months???? Not trying to argue, just would like to know how the bunch of idiots would miss this if this is clear in the Bible.

  • Francois

    "...only by Grace is this forgiveness available to you. "

    And all this time, I thoght it was from going door to door to prove you were worthy of God's love and forgiveness.

    Silly me.


  • minimus

    The organization and Jehovah are one. You can't have one without the other. Make no mistake!!! People now greet you, Stardy, and that makes you feel that they love you. But since they wouldn't greet you before, does that mean they didn't love you? Satan is trying to turn everyone from the "truth". What is the "truth"? You can't call the JW system of belief the "truth" if you actually read and believe the Scriptures. The entire religion teaches ridiculous, judgemental beliefs. Please reconsider your advice.

  • ozziepost


    The Borg have acknowledged the six months period but only after a fashion in a Watchtower article. I've been quite sick so sorry I'm unable to give the reference. I recall that the article made the customary WTS comment on such 'awkward' matters by saying, "However,......."

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • neyank

    Been there, done that.

    It was just no fun I tell ya!



    Am I ever glad that I didn't even attempt to become: reinstated.

    I remember my meeting with the elders back in the spring of 1984. It was held, not at the Kingdom Hall (but I met them there) but in an elder's basement home. I can remember it fairly clearly. So much of it, I blocked out, but I do remember wanting to get it over and done with real quick, and I answered their questions: Yes/No.

    We'll assume I was disfellowshipped.

    To think of what one has to do to become reinstated: thank goodness I didn't even consider it after I left.

    Scares me to even think about it (I paused for a moment, really).

    I like it right here, with you folks.

    Every post and precious shared piece of information, continually validates my exit from long ago.

    Thanks to everyone.

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