The Reinstatement Process & How It Works

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  • minimus

    David, when a person gets reinstated in 29 days, rest assured that the Society was not very happy with the elder's decision. These are the types of experiences that we would hear in Elder's schools and the instructor would say how stupid the elders were.

  • cruzanheart

    Minimus, you described the process perfectly. I watched my dad go through that. He groveled for an entire year before they let him back in, and now they monitor him like the Gestapo. He called me about a month ago, all excited because two elders said they were coming to visit him, and he thought it was a shepherding call. When they got there, all they wanted to do was chew him out because he'd been seen hugging a sister at the last assembly day. (She was an old family friend.) See, since his "sin" was adultery, he's not allowed to touch a sister, work out in service with a sister and, evidently hug a sister. Poor old thing, he was so depressed and forlorn after their visit I almost called them, but that would have gotten him into more trouble. Damn them all.


  • minimus

    Nina, how sad to see your dad have to grovel to inexperienced, "untrained volunteers".These elders feel that they have the God-given right to berate and humiliate persons that that they deem unworthy. And they go after people for the stupidest of things because they MUST keep the congregation clean. They are on a power trip fueled by their own lack of Bible knowledge. The Watchtower Society is going to be judged by God for all its damage and stumbling of these" little ones".

  • enjoy

    I had been out for 5 years and I started going to the meetings to get reinstated and I went for a month and then approached the Elders, they set up a meeting with me sense the original DA was done in a different congragation, they had to talk to the Elders there. I shaved my beard off and I was just doing it for the fellowship I guess. Then I heard a lot of remarks through the grapevine about how the congregation felt about me and I decided it wasn't worth it... My old congragation told me if I ever went there for 1 meeting that they would reinstate me because they made a mistake the first time and they shouldn't have DA me anyway, ( one of the elders told me that) but decided it was not worth it. The lies and back stabbing just to get in again and be disaproved of.. There is not LOVE there... it had been 15 years sense I last went and I am happy being shunned and disaproved at least I have my LIFE....

  • Gopher

    After having been subjected to the judicial committee process (unscriptural as that is), I would NEVER go through the reinstatement process. That's my choice, not everyone would agree. But I don't see the point of being treated like you're one inch tall by these proud people, not even worthy of a "Kingdom Ministry" so you can follow along at the weeknight meeting.

    Jesus said there'd be rejoicing if one lost sheep came back. Among JW's, they won't even allow applause at the reinstatement announcemnt. It ain't politically correct, don't you know!!

    Note to "NOT INTERESTED' -- here's another verse for your apostate Bible translation: John 13:35 -- "By this all will know my disciples, by the RULES and DISCIPLINE you have among yourselves. Screw that love thing, that's for namby-pambies."

  • david_10

    Minimus. And that's just one example. If I get to thinking about it, they keep coming non-stop. Like the time the elders disfellowshipped a 10 year old boy. Baptized at age 9----Disfellowshipped at age 10. Sheesh.

    But perhaps the worst, the most scandelous event that I have ever known about, anytime-anywhere, is the one that I am going to relate now. It probably should go back on the disfellowshipping thread, but since this is the one that is going now, I'll tell it here. And what I am about to relate, as bizarre as it may seem, is the absolute truth--------unadorned and unembellished. For the sake of brevity, I'm even leaving out a few details. And I hope that I don't get censored, because this gets pretty graphic and makes Peyton Place look like kindergarten: Back in the year 1972, a young African-American brother and his wife moved to our congregation from California. He was about 23 at the time and he stayed here for several years before moving back to California around 1979, or thereabouts. This young brother was perhaps the most charismatic and fluent person that I have ever met. He was amazing. He was quite handsome. He was a regular pioneer and was soon made an elder, even at his young age, and took the city, the circut and the district by storm. He loved the limelight and he was given ample opportunity to sparkle. Hour talks. Circut assembly parts. Major talks on the district assemblies. My God, he could perform. He would have an audience eating at of his hand. He would have them weeping. Laughing. When the hour was over, you would look at your watch in disbelief---it had flown by. He would humbly leave the stage to thunderous applause. At one district assembly, a television news crew was filming the proceedings, as they are sometimes wont to do, and the TV station was so impressed with him that the news director offered him a contract as a news anchor to begin immediately. This was played up at assemblies for years to come, because he refused to accept the offer as it would have ended his pioneering. Also, it would have cut in on his other business : after he moved here, he began building a pyramid scheme in which he recruited the brothers and sisters to sell a gasoline additive that was designed to double or even triple your car's gas mileage. It sounds far-fetched, I know, but I'm tellin' ya: this guy could sell ice to the eskimos. He sold tons of that stuff to the brothers; they, however were not nearly as successful at re-selling it themselves. I remember being in one brother's garage and there must have been 100 cases of it stacked to the ceiling. They couldn't even get their car in there. As I recall, the brother said that he had only sold around 4 bottles. But he didn't seem overly concerned.

    (Are you getting bored? This has a ways to go.)

    Charismatic just doesn't even begin to describe him. But I forgot to mention one thing : besides charismatic, he was also, apparently, pretty heavy-hung, if you catch my drift. And he had a thing for white sisters. Didn't care anything for the black sisters. Just white ones. And boy did they ever go for him. They were lined up waiting for their turn. And this went on right there in the congregation for over a year. Elders wives, pioneers, publishers------all the ladies signed up to sell his product, go to the pep rallies and reap the fringe benefits. Our zealous brother was, by this time, being groomed for the circut work and was doing his "internship" as a substitute CO when it all came crashing down. Evidently, one of the sisters got a bad case of the guilts and went to the brothers.

    Have you ever heard the saying that says something about when "the shit hits the fan"? I think that this is when this saying was coined. Because the shit hit the fan, big-time. Well, this has gone on for long enough, so I won't go into how jealous husbands were hunting him down and how families lost 1000's of dollars and the rest of the mess. Suffice to say that the over-zealous brother was disfellowshipped. And deserved it, obviously. Around 20 sisters were publically reproved, and a couple were disfellowshipped. I guess that they had no regrets and couldn't even bring themselves to sit in front of a committee and fake it. Musta been fun.

    As I mentioned earlier, he and his wife left town shortly after all this exploded. His wife, by the way, was a stunner that would make Halle Berry look like a cheap showgirl. No action was taken against her, but the general consensus was that, even though she did not participate, she had to have been aware and at least complicit throughout it all.

    So that's what happened. Next to the pedophile incidents, of which there are many, this is probably the worst thing I ever witnessed. There's more to the story, but after reading back through this, I don't think that it belongs in this thread after all. I was going to tell how he was reinstated so that I could tie this to the thread topic, but this has already taken too long to type and has gone on for too long, so here goes...................


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  • Pepper

    Basicly you have to kiss their God Dam Ass, and do not pardon my french.

    Like how can they judge your heart, I thought only God has the know how to do that, may they all go to blazes. I am not sorry for being pissed off for how I feel elders have got this high mighty turd up their ass's they think so dam much of them selfs and no one seems to get sick of it. (puke) Pepper

  • SYN

    Wow, David_10, that was quite a post. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry, really.

    Around 20 sisters were publically reproved,

    Good grief!

  • obiwan


    I was df'd for the exact reason you gave an example of but to really add insult to injury I had been out for years and decided to go back, at the time I was married I had been going for 6 months and after having my "hearing" I was told that I should wait another 6 months before being seriously considered even though I was doing everything that I was supposed to.All this and being married and no cheating on my wife being a good boy, it still got me no where.So I said to @#$% with this and went on about my life knowing that what ever I could do to get back in it just wasn't good enough.

  • david_10

    SYN. Yep, it was the damnedest mess I've ever seen in my life. In this part of the world, it has entered the realm of mythology. After 25 years, people still talk about it. It was so well-known that even people in the territory knew about it and delighted in throwing it our faces when we came to their door. Using my Service Meeting training, however, I soon learned to "overcome the objection" and get a witness in anyway and occasionally even managed to sell place the mags or something. I went out in Service for the last time back in 1987, but even up till that time, people in the territory still remembered it, even though it was nearly 10 years in the past. The damnedest mess I've ever seen. And I know what you mean : it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry.


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