You could be a 'normal' person if...

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  • lauralisa

    {{{not interested}}}}

    I'm having a beer right now - a Leinenkugel Original lager actually. Returnable bottles! Aluminum prices! Here's to you, and your weird friends, if they aren't buried under all this snow

  • not interested
    not interested


    im glad to hear that you having a beer, im presently having a golden light so i guess were haveing a beer togather, but thats not what i ment. Seriously i would love to meet somewhere and have a beer coffee hot choclate whatever just get togather again.

  • SixofNine

    ((((Laura)))) Sorry you're blue. I like that second post of yours so much, I'm thinking of sharing it with some JW's, as written. "whadya think of your filthy religion now, mom?" That sort of thing.

    Rumor has it that you sometimes try to be ordinary? Please stop. That would only make you like me. Even my truck tires are ordinary. *ooh, they all wonder, what little entendre have Laura and Mark shared concerning rubber and the road?*

    I'd give you a call, but I've lost all my mail and contacts out of Outlook. I'm working right now to find a way to retrieve them (it involves buying a 1600.00 computer). Perhaps you have my number in an old abandoned purse somewhere?

    ps. thanks for the socks.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Lauralisa! Thank You for posting such an excellent thread. The experience of those men waiting to be resqued in the water has me speachless and has made me think of how it applies to most of us. Great Thread, Thanks again!


  • lauralisa


    Rumor has it that YOU are really "Marky Mark", whose calvins we all saw in huge proportions a few years back...? Is it true what they say about men and their trucks? And what's so gross about the national product???

    If I had a million dollars, I'd get you a new system, but only if it was an apple. (Only because I care, and mac owners enjoy immunity on a regular basis. Also, apples can say "bite me" on a regular basis and be, like, serious!) I've got your number tatooed on my right trapezius... I'll call you when I find a mirror

    CCRyder: I've enjoyed reading what you have had to say in the past, and it's good to see you more frequently lately.... thank you

  • Gopher


    Thanks for that post. It really fleshes out the effects of the JW organization's cruelty. And they couldn't care less. People are just "numbers" in their damn yearbook.

    The main reason I decided never to go back to JW's (as I've often stated here) is the harsh, unloving treatment inflicted by a large proportion of their elders. These men are placed in a position of playing cruel games with people's lives. And certain ones seem to enjoy having "notches in their belt".

    This is the outcome of their legalistic and rules-oriented practices. Just like Jesus said, "you will know my disciples, by the RULES AND DISCIPLINE they have among themselves". LOL.

    We gotta get together soon. Please e-mail me if you can.


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