Got our "reactivation call" last night

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  • jaded

    Brother elder who used to be one of our best friends called out of the blue last night after about six years. I answered the phone. He identified himself and asked how I was then asked for hubby. After some small's the family and all that, he asked if we wanted to be reactivated. Hubby said no, not at this time. If we want to be reactivated at a later date we will call you. That was it. He did not try to set up a visit. (Must not have gotten wind of our Christmas decorations)

    I am so glad that thanks to these message boards we knew what was coming. Still though, when hubby got off the phone he kind of wished he would have spoken his mind. Fortunately for us, we do not have family in. Just a very few friends we like to keep in contact with.

    I really do not expect to hear from these jokers again unless they see our holiday decorations sometime down the road. Even then I kind of doubt it.

    The nerve and hypocrisy of this is unbelievable. Hubby is probably still kicking himself today for not asking him "what took you so long?". Probably just as well. Should not have to deal with them for a while, if ever.

  • nightwarrior

    Yippee.... you got the call... The one that you have been warned about...

    You will kick yourself for not saying the things that you wanted too... but hey, who cares, at least you will not be pestered for some time to come....Have a Party!!!!!

    Just know that you have been ticked off the list!!!!

    Just know that what you hear on here, usually comes about... dum dum dum

    Now you can sleep at night LOL

    The JWs are not watching you

    Have fun

    Mrs Nightwarrior

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    "a best friend calls after about six years?" I mean, were you guys lost? Maybe it was better that hubby didn't encourage a conversation. Yes, you'll probably hear from them next the Santa Claus day.

    Guest 77

  • ThiChi

    When you say "reactivate," are you only inactive or also DAed or DFed? Just wondering.....

  • JH
    When you say "reactivate," are you only inactive or also DAed or DFed? Just wondering.....


    I was thinking the same thing as you.

    Jaded, if you are not DF'd or DA'd, they probably will DF you, because they are going around asking people to choose.

  • RedhorseWoman

    It's only been 17 years for me without any contact from the elders at all. Somehow, I would be very surprised if they even bothered to contact me this time around.

  • jaded

    Thanks for the replies. We are not DAed or DFed, just inactive. I haven't been to a KH in about six years except for a few Memorials. (Don't do that anymore, though.) It's been about as long for hubby, except he would go every now and then, but not for the last few years. The elder who called is one of those wimpy ones, if you know what I mean. I must say that he is very nice, though. He has a baptized daughter who has gotten into a lot of trouble but was never DAed so I kind of think he is afraid to push anyone too hard.

  • rocky220

    DF' 1978,.after DA'd myself in 1975.......[long story don't ask] of the same elders involved in my Df'ing asked my mother in i wanted to come back and that would i like a visit....i told my mom sure! let him come over and that i had something to discuss with him too!!!! Well i dont think my mom like the way i said that so she probably told him to forget about it....[good thing!] rocky220[from the you dont want none of this, class]

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    'Reactivate' What do they think you are - a robot?

  • jaded

    LOL, A Paduan. I guess we all once were robots. Never again, I'm glad to say.

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