60 years/Channel C

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  • yesidid

    Hi sKully,

    I would have thought that many of the GB members would have been asked about all those things mentioned. Most witnesses have problems with some or all of the things he spkoe of. I think it depends a little on the attitude taken in questioning whom ever it was.


  • hillary_step
    Privacy? On public boards that do not need passwords? That has always perplexed me. Why would he do this? PUBLICALLY?

    Perhaps he is ready to go this far and no further at present. Many who use these discussion Board's begin by needing a voice and perhaps feedback and a little sound advice, while not neccessarily wanting to risk compromising the anonimity and privacy of their families and friends. I feel sure that many here would identify with the situation that Michael is in.

    Best regards - HS

  • setfreefinally

    I sure as heck identify!

  • onacruse


    Turning your back on all that you have held dear at their station in life, is one of the most courageous actions that I have seen in recent times, especially given that most of their three generations of family are within the WTS.

    Courageous indeed.

    Michael, you and your wife have my utmost respect.

    As one lifer, also from a 3gen family of lifers, to another: my heart is with you both.


  • TheOldHippie

    Since he says he has left, I think he ought to have named the GB member.

  • metatron

    Take note of the confrontation that led to Michael's leaving.

    Basically, he was telling the GB member "you bind up heavy loads on the backs of men"

    and they responded with 'we ain't gonna move 'em with our little finger'.

    Pharisees and King Rehoboam, all the way, and this experience proves it.


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